Days Out: Haarlem

Theo Swagemakers Museum
Display of works from the late Theo Swagemakers. A portrait painter landscapes and sea faces Open Wednesday to Sunday 13:00-17:00. At Stoofsteeg 6 zwart, 2011 TE Haarlem.
Historisch Museum Haarlem
A display of the city during 1882 and Orphan house chamber are the items of the museum. At Groot Heiligland 47, 2011 EP Haarlem.
Nieuwe Vide
Contemporary art focusing on forms, disciplines and media. At Minckelersweg 6, 2031 EM Haarlem.
Church of Saint Bavo. The stones on the cobblestone floor are the headstones of royalty. At Oude Groenmarkt 23, Haarlem.
Molen de Adriaan
A guided tour of De Adriaan windmill built in 1778. Ab educational experience for children of all ages. At Papentorenvest 1a, 2011 AV Haarlem.
De Hallen Haarlem
Pre-war modern art, post-war modern art and contemporary art in a range of mediums. Open Tuesday to Saturday 11:00-17:00 and Sunday 12:00-17:00. At Grote Markt 16, 2011 RD Haarlem.
Het Dolhuys
Experience the world of madness and lunatic in an interactive museum and find out how the Dutch dealt with madness throughout the centuries. National Museum of Psychiatry at Schotersingel 2, 2021 GE Haarlem.
Draaiorgelmuseum Haarlem
Special concerts, musical activities and organ theatre concert. Open Sunday 12:00-19:00. Easy access for wheelchairs. At Küppersweg 3, 2031 EA Haarlem.
NZH Vervoersmuseum
Tram and bus museum. Open from Monday to Thursday 09:00-12:00 and Saturday 11:00-16:00. At Leidsevaart 396, 2014 HM Haarlem.
Archeologisch Museum
Display of old archaeological material found in Holland. Open Wednesday to Sunday 13:00-17:00. At Grote Markt 18K, Haarlem.
Kunstenaarsvereniging De Vishal
Art display by unknown Dutch artists in various fields. Open Tuesday to Saturday 11:00-17:00 and Sunday 13:00-17:00. At Grote Markt 20, 2011 RD Haarlem.
Walking Tours and Private Art Tours in Dutch Cities
Walking tours in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft and further north including, Alkmaar, Edam, Monnickendam. Private art tours in museums with an art historian.
Corrie ten Boom-huis
Museum recreating 1940s history. It includes a real hiding place used by people trying to escape the Nazis. At Barteljorisstraat 19, 2002 CE Haarlem.
Frans Hals Museum
Guided tours for children and adult. Open Tuesday to Saturday 11:00-17:00 and Sunday 12:00-17:00. Wheelchair accessible or can be reserved. At Groot Heiligland 62, Haarlem.
Teylers Museum
Art and science museum. Presentations and event rooms for children. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-17:00 and Sunday 12:00-17:00. At Spaarne 16, 2011 CH Haarlem.
Spaarnestad Fotoarchief
Photography exhibition by new artists. Open from Tuesday to Sunday 13:00–17:00. Closed on Monday. At Groot Heiligland 37, 2001 DC Haarlem.
ABC Architectuurcentrum
Exhibition and activities for children and courses on architecture. At Groot Heiligland 47 2011 EP Haarlem.