Drain & Sewage Services

RRS Plumbing Services
Established company with ISO 9001-2000 certificate covering all Holland. Unblocking, cleaning, inspecting and leak detection of sewers and septic tanks. Regular maintenance service and 24 hour call out service. At Stammerkamp 12, 1112 VH Diemen.
Buunk Ontstoppingsbedrijf
All types of sewage work including unblocking, cleaning and detection of sewers as well as smoke research, camera inspections and septic-tanks. 24 hour emergency service. At Witbolstr 10, 1032 LD Amsterdam.
AKC Loodgieters
24 hour, 7 days a week plumbing and toilet service. Dr Willem Dreesweg, 1188, KV, Amsterdam.
Algemene Amsterdamse Snelservice R & J
Emergency drain and sewer unblocking and repair. Call out service available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. At Vegastr 23, 1033 HM Amsterdam.
Riool UNBLOCKING Brigade
Brigade offering a wide range of 24/7 drainage services. WE UNBLOCK DRAINS and SOLVE SEWAGE PROBLEMS in the Amsterdam area. English, French and German spoken.
Sewage inspection, unblocking and cleaning and septic tank emptying service throughout Holland. Preventive work and leak detection. Emergency call out service available to subscribers. At Postbus 7526, 8903, JM Leeuwarden.