Mortgages & Home Loans

English-speaking mortgage providers and independent advice on home loans and financing a property in Amsterdam. Find a specialist here that is used to helping expats purchasing a home in the Netherlands.

Investment advisors. Credit loans and insurance advice. Mr v Kleffensstr 4, 6842CV Arnhem.
Mortgage Information Centre
Specialists for all your home loan advice and consulting. We also deal with pensions and insurance. We can help you to invest time in your finances. At Minervalaan 19, 1077 NK, Amsterdam
Specialist in arranging mortgage for expats. Need a mortgage advice, contact us so you know your possibilities of getting a mortgage as an expat in the Netherlands. We are independent and can do business with every mortgage bank. At: Haarlem
Westland Utrecht Hypotheekbank NV
Investment and financial advice including mortgage advice for new homes. Mr Treublaan 7, 1097 DP Amsterdam.
The bank found in every branch of the Post Office in Amsterdam. Currency exchange, mortgages, money transfers, loans, internet banking, pensions and travel insurance.
Experts in mortgage advice for expats buying property in the Netherlands. Find out which house category truly fits your budget. Financial advice services so you can manage and plan your finances effectively. Free consult. At Roemer Visscherstraat 41.
How To Buy A House
The 'How To Buy a House' events are here to save you time and hassle. You get to meet a select group of experts that can give you all the information you need about owning a home in Amsterdam. the events are informative and fun in a beautiful setting. Chi...
Expat Mortgages
Mortgage advice for expats buying property in the Netherlands. Expat mortgages will guide you all along the way to get you the best mortgage deal. We make a potentially stressful situation a stressless one for you.Barbara Strozzilaan 101, 1083HN Amsterdam
Independent broker for mortgages and insurance for the expatriate market. Other services include savings accounts, pensions, real estate brokerage, asset management and tax advice. Free consultations. At Schouwstraat 6, 1435 KN Rijsenhout.
Tilburgs & Bassant
Independant mortgage and investment company. Focusing on retirement and financial planning. Kroonpark 10, 6831GV Arnhem.
Credit loans. Extra financial advice. De Kronenburgsingel 23, 6831 GD Arnhem.
Groen Financieel Advies
Obtain advice on mortgages, tax information and personal financial planning. At P Krugerstr 6, 6814 AS Arnhem.
Ever thought of buying a house? Visit for an overview of the pros & cons of renting Vs. buying and calculate your maximum Dutch mortgage. Amsterdam/Amstelveen 020 – 426 38 28
NBG Finance
Full advice on investments, retirement and financial planning. Insurance and loans creditors for home. Druckerstraat 16a, 6823 HS Arnhem.
Laagste Maandlast
Insurance company for cars, house, motobikes and theft. House mortgages and financial advice. Need to call before visitng. Postbus 30170, 6803AD Arnhem.
Man financial services B.V.
Do you need a full financial check up ? Man Financial Services gives expert financial advices in a number of areas including: mortgagees, pensions, financial planning both for businesses and private persons. At: Gaffelaarspad 12 1081 KK Amsterdam
Rijnstad en Sorgeloos
Insurance and credit advisors. Loans and mortgages possible. Steenstraat 71a, 6828CD Arnhem.
Huis & Hypotheek
Advice and credit loans agency for home buyers. Willemsplein 29, 6811 KC Arnhem.
FVB De Boer Financial Consultants
Financial Consultant specialising in Mortgages advice for Expats, especially those with non-Euros incomes or incomes in foreign currencies. Many different types of mortgage are available in the Netherlands. We can help clarify the difference. Contact us f...
Finsens Planning
Independent financial advice to professionals, expats and small businesses on taxes, mortgages, pensions and estate planning. Free initial consultation. At Herengracht 136, 1015 BV Amsterdam.
Strijbosch Thunnissen Makelaars Arnhem
S de Landasstr 27, 6814DA Arnhem. Mortgages.
Keijer & Rademakers
Independent mortgage and financial planning bureau. Offers clients financial planning advice on mortgages, tax securities, life insurance, pension plans and real estate. At Da Costastraat 35 1053 ZA Amsterdam