Automatic and Manual Driving school

Automatic and manual driving lessons in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Haarlem with DenK , English speaking instructors.

For foreigners and expats we have special English skilled teachers. We have automatic and manual cars available for driving lessons

New : 14-day speedcourses automatic B-licence are now available, starting at age 16

About CBR

CBR (the Driving Test Organisation) is the Dutch statutory body responsible for the administering of driving tests. Each year CBR holds around half a million theory tests and half a million practical driving tests. CBR operates almost 200 test centers throughout the country. It is only responsible for driving tests; driving instruction in the Netherlands is provided by private driving schools such as ourselves.

Professional drivers

In addition to administering driving tests to the general public, CBR is also responsible for testing professional drivers through its special professional driver exams, CCV. This division administers basic driving tests as well as advanced tests for experienced drivers. These tests are structured in accordance with European guidelines and enable drivers to maintain and improve their driving skills.

Disqualification procedures

The CBR Driver Assessment Division is responsible for the ‘disqualification procedures’. Such a procedure can be initiated against people whose driving ability is suspected to be insufficient by the police, the public prosecutions department, or CBR. Around ten thousand driver assessments are initiated every year. Their main purpose is to improve road safety.

Service provision

CBR aims to be a highly customer-oriented organisation. The implementation of the online test reservation system, TOP Internet, is one successful contribution. Most driving schools in the Netherlands are connected to this system, and this helps keep the reservation terms for candidates to a minimum. CBR operates throughout the country, working as closely as possible to the customer.


CBR is increasingly advising other European countries on driving tests. In addition, CBR works with other CIECAmembers on the harmonisation of traffic regulations and road safety in the EU.

Passing your test

Apart from the existing tests in Dutch, CBR also administers theory tests in English. These are held with a group of candidates in one session. In addition, candidates have the possibility of taking an individual oral test with the assistance of an interpreter, which has to be provided by the candidate.


The CBR charge an additional fee for a theory test, as well as for the individual test, in a language other

than Dutch.
A theory test normally costs €33,25
For a group theory test in a language other than Dutch, the supplement is €5,20.
For an individual theory test, the supplement is €36,70.