Family Aupair

Family Au Pair is an Amsterdam-based, family-run au pair agency. Our offices are in the Netherlands and the Philippines. We advice and match host families in the Netherlands and other EU countries with most suitably qualified Filipina au pairs. 

Brand & Identity

  • Global yet Local.  Unlike other agencies, we personally/online interview, qualify, perform background checks and match au pairs with host families. We thoroughly screen out further potential candidates to get only the highly-motivated, most well- mannered and caring au pairs for you.
  • Nothing beats Experience. The birth of this agency came from the owner's experience. For the past 7 years of having an au pair it surely knows the perks of having one. What you need, what is efficient and suitable for your family's needs. An agency that helps and assist you all throughout the process. Walks you through it with such an ease if you are a first-timer. 

Having An Au Pair 

  • Lessen Stress. It means more helping hand in the house. An au pair helps you do some of the light household chores, looks after the kids and even cook some hearty meals for you. The dilemmas of parents juggling between life at work and life at home are now over. Solution is at hand, get an au pair! 
  • International Exposure. It is beneficiary to both parties, the au pair and your family. Where cultures are being bridged and combined. Au pairs are highly-skilled since they meet certain standards to qualify as one and speaking English fluently is one of those qualifications. At an early age, your kids are exposed to this and can learn it from them. As the years go by, you'll never know how it helps and improves your children's language capacity. As it is said "travel is education" it is like bringing Philippines into your home through what you can learn from the Au pair. 
  • More Date Nights & Family Time. Date nights? Sounds funny but it's the reality. Having an au pair entitles you to this. Sort of a freebie when you get an au pair. It is important to have quality time as a couple and as a family. It not only strengthens you but it also empowers you. Enjoying the company of each other without thinking of tidying up the house.

How to Contact Us 

Contact person: Patricia Baart

Address: J.J Cremerplein 56 HS 1054 TM Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Phone number: 0626770576

Email Address: [email protected]com

Facebook page: