Grand Apartments Amsterdam

Agency providing a bespoke service to expatriates looking for property to rent in the Amsterdam area, acting as a liason between tenant and landlord. Lots of experience with UK clients after a long spell in London property market. 

About us
We specialize in providing bespoke services to expats looking to rent a home in and around the Amsterdam area.

Our company has experience in the lettings and sales market dating back to 1998. This experience will benefit you as either Landlord or as a Tenant.

We are firmly set on running an ethical, motivated and joyful workforce that continues to expand our brand. This can only be achieved if we maintain the highest possible standards, work honestly and never stop learning. We genuinely strive to offer a level of service that separates us from our competitors. We would like to welcome you to The Netherlands and hope to find your new ideal home together!

We specialise in finding you a property that best matches your preferences in the Amsterdam area. Be it a city apartment or a house, we will assist you with finding a property that best matches your preferences. Naturally, the first thing we do is take the time to find out a bit about you, what you are looking for, your needs and your tastes.

To help set your expectations regarding costs for renting a property in The Netherlands, you should expect the following: 

  • One month rent in advance;
  • Two months security deposit;
  • One month commission + VAT (21%).