Lassus Dental Practice

Modern, patient-oriented dentist dental practice with several dentists, preventive assistants and other core staff. Our main fields are patient care, oral hygiene, prevention and aesthetics. At Lassusstraat 9, 1075 GV Amsterdam.

Lassus Tandartsen

Lassus Tandartsen is an attractive and modern dental practice with two offices located in the center of Amsterdam. Through a combination of high-quality dentistry and a people-oriented approach, we assist the client in the maintenance of healthy teeth. The high-quality dentistry is provided by a team of various specialist (general dentists and dental hygienists) who can provide you with a variety of dental treatments. 

On our website, you will find information about our practice as well as our ambition to provide you with the most modern dental care. We hope to provide you with a good impression of our practice and work method. Would you like additional information? Please feel free to contact us.


Lassusstraat 9

1075 GV Amsterdam

T. 020 - 47 13 137


Keizersgracht 132

1015 CW Amsterdam

T. 020 - 42 21 912


Lassus Tandartsen Olympisch Stadion
Stadionplein 125
1076 CK Amsterdam

T. 020 - 210 40 07