Experts in mortgage advice for expats buying property in the Netherlands. Find out which house category truly fits your budget. Financial advice services so you can manage and plan your finances effectively. Free consult. At Roemer Visscherstraat 41.

Formed in1997 is Trifium Mortgage Advisors a financial consulting bureau established at the Roemer Visscherstraat 41 near the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. We are specialised in expat mortgages for  (real estate) entrepeneurs and employees, and love to help you buying your first or second (investment) home.  Besides mortgages, we can help you with your pension issues and (life) insurances. All our advisors have worked at the bank, and therefore know how a bank thinks and works. This knowledge help us to help  you walk through the financial process in a comfortable way.

It is advisable to speak to a consultant from Trifium Mortgage Advisors before you start looking for a suitable home. This gives you a clear view on the price range that fits your budget and the monthly payments related to the loan.

After the meeting with one of our consultants – which is on a no cure no pay basis – you will be able to make an accurate assessment of the price range.
This enables you to act quickly when finding a suiteable home and start negotiating about price and terms right away. When you need help, Trifium Mortgage Advisors has agreements with estate agents and surveyors on the rates and communication between the estate agent and you is in English. If you would like more information, please send an e-mail or call our office.

The appointment can be made at a time and place that suits you best.

To make an appointment, please use our contactform below or give us a call at 020 6722109. 

If we are unable to help you ourselves, we will be pleased to introduce you to one of our partners.

This could relate to matters such as:
-  Insurances
-  Tax advice
-  Selling property
-  Renovators
-  Pension issues

Why Trifium Mortgage Advisors? “because we go further, where others give up!”