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Hi all, I'm looking for a decent car breaker yard near Haarlem that would have a decent selection of parts.  Since I am without a car currently, I am looking for places I can call and/or view a website to see the availablity of the parts I am after. Thank you

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I am planning to travel to the UK at the weekend via Eurotunnel, in a van. Does anyone have experience of driving that way in the last couple of days?  Any advice/opinions welcome.

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I am looking for a good physiotherapist in Utrecht who has experience with patients with herniated discs. I found a list but would love to have a personal recommendation. Thanks

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Just been quoted €1500 by the main dealer for a complete new exhaust system and really can't afford that, is there anywhere that I can try who will be cheaper?

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I have just been quoted a forture for new tyres, I was so flabberghasted that I just put the phone down but wondered if you can buy remoulds here.  As I shall be selling the car in a couple of months don't want to spend a lot of money on it right now.

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Can anyone recommend a good Valet Company that will come to your place of work ?

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Hello My UK driver's licence photocard has expired.  Am I obliged to replace this for a Dutch one?  If so, is the fact that the photocard has expired going to mean that I have to re-take my driving test here? Or will it simply be replaced? Any advice and how I go about this would be appreciated. 

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Hi everyone can anyone advise me on the best place to buy a used scooter from at reasonable prices.. thanks very much.

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Looking for a reliable garage who would have some small decent second hand cars for sale and are reliable.  Ay recommendations please?

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Any idea approximately how long it will take to drive to the Eurotunnel from Amsterdam on New Years Eve, and are there likely to be any delays?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to scrap a UK reg car in Holland? The MOT has expired so I can't drive it to the UK legally to scrap it!!

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Which would you recommend to give as a Christmas present for use in Europe?

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Anyone planning to go to the UK for Xmas who might  use the Dartford Tunnel should note that you can no longer pay by cash and the barriers are being removed.You now need to pay online or you can set up an online account (it will accept "foreign" details) and get a discount.Crossings are still free 10pm-6am. See www.gov.uk/government/collections/dart-charge

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I just went to book the ferry home for Christmas and found that the ferry is more expensive than the Chunnel - guess what I have booked on to go home!

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Where am I likely to find these or a scrap dealer near Amsterdam?

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Hi, Does anyone know a reliable Repair workshop that specialises in Vintage Fiat 500's? For a friend who's visiting. Thanks

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I have lost my UK driving Licence, I have a photocopy of it but how can I get it replaced?

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I know on the Portsmouth to France Ferries you can book a cabin that accepts dogs - is it the same on the ones from here?

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I have just bought a top spec mountain bike and would like to get it insured. Any recommendations please?

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