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Magic Tyres are the quality tyre producer in Dubai.They are the large tyre producer in all over Dubai.They have a wide range of quality tyres for your car to provide the best tyre experience and to increase the performance of your car.

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I really want to find a high-paying job abroad. I can take care of elderly people and live in their home. Maybe you know where to find such a job with a good salary?

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I love traveling and I have so many different videos from my trips. I would like to create some nice videos. But for that I need to find a good video editor. I want to know what you usually use. I want to hear what you think about different video editors.

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I've been interested in blockchain news for a long time. And recently I found out about the combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence from Sypwai. Why is this happening?

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Has anyone any knowledge of selling a previous uk reg vehicle (now Dutch reg) to a buyer in the uk. The person will have no problem at their end re-registering it, but I would like to know what I have to do at this end regarding de-registering it. I heard a tale about someone who had left their car in the UK for their son but was fined for letting the tax run out here.

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I've decided that I should definitely personalize my sports betting content. But please tell me how to do it. I just don't get it. 

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I want to install betsofa casino mobile app. But don't know where to do it in Australia. Who can tell me?

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Dear all,I moving out of Holland and i have one scooter (Yellow plate number) which cannot be repaired so i wanted to scrap it before moving.Please could you help , how to do this here in Holland . I am living in Gorinchem (South Holland).This scooter registered on my name and i am also paying insurance as of now.Thanks in Advance .. 

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Hi all, I'm looking for a decent car breaker yard near Haarlem that would have a decent selection of parts.  Since I am without a car currently, I am looking for places I can call and/or view a website to see the availablity of the parts I am after. Thank you

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I am planning to travel to the UK at the weekend via Eurotunnel, in a van. Does anyone have experience of driving that way in the last couple of days?  Any advice/opinions welcome.

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I am looking for a good physiotherapist in Utrecht who has experience with patients with herniated discs. I found a list but would love to have a personal recommendation. Thanks

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Just been quoted €1500 by the main dealer for a complete new exhaust system and really can't afford that, is there anywhere that I can try who will be cheaper?

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I have just been quoted a forture for new tyres, I was so flabberghasted that I just put the phone down but wondered if you can buy remoulds here.  As I shall be selling the car in a couple of months don't want to spend a lot of money on it right now.

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Can anyone recommend a good Valet Company that will come to your place of work ?

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Hello My UK driver's licence photocard has expired.  Am I obliged to replace this for a Dutch one?  If so, is the fact that the photocard has expired going to mean that I have to re-take my driving test here? Or will it simply be replaced? Any advice and how I go about this would be appreciated. 

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Hi everyone can anyone advise me on the best place to buy a used scooter from at reasonable prices.. thanks very much.

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Looking for a reliable garage who would have some small decent second hand cars for sale and are reliable.  Ay recommendations please?

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Any idea approximately how long it will take to drive to the Eurotunnel from Amsterdam on New Years Eve, and are there likely to be any delays?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to scrap a UK reg car in Holland? The MOT has expired so I can't drive it to the UK legally to scrap it!!

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Which would you recommend to give as a Christmas present for use in Europe?

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