Importing a classic British car

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Has anyone experience of this? I have been offered one but would need to register it here. I wonder if there are any pitfalls.


Skippy-835756 1279891547

You need to have owned the vehicle for six months to avoid import taxes, so that's something to bear in mind if you're acquiring it from someone else. The info you need is on this site:-

Having said that, the VAT and the "green" tax shouldn't be much, as its based on the new price of the car and goes down depending on age, so an old car shouldn't attract much tax.

Vee-835924 1280177182

Mmm, a problem, as I haven't got it yet (my brother has offered it to me). I'd better try and find out what taxes I might have to pay.

Fred Baer 1280314077

As a matter of interest, what type of car is it? I have a (Dutch) friend who bought and imported a 50s Austin Healey a couple of years ago, so I'll ask him what the procedure and costs were.

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