New Driver's Licence - Netherlands or UK?

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Hello My UK driver's licence photocard has expired.  Am I obliged to replace this for a Dutch one?  If so, is the fact that the photocard has expired going to mean that I have to re-take my driving test here? Or will it simply be replaced? Any advice and how I go about this would be appreciated. 


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Do you have a UK address? If so you can simply renew it there I believe.

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You are requested by the Dutch authorities to exchange your UK licence for an Dutch one within 12 months of being a resident. However the EU arrest of this matter is that we can keep our existing EU driving licence till 2020. Then it will have  to be changed to the country where you reside.

I have a Belgium licence that was changed first from a UK to Dutch then Belgium. Why Belgium ? it was free and is valid for life then.

I returned from Belgium to Nederland for 2 years before moving to the south of France. The pressure was on to exchange my licence to the fact that it is made difficult for me to purchase a car of obtain insurance. I must add this was not a problem in France.

John Hale

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