Taking a UK car back with no UK MOT.

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I need to get my car back to the uk in a couple of weeks. I need to`drive it as I need to take my dog. It has insurance and is UK registered sorn (off road). If I book an MOT appointment for the uk, when I drive off the eurotunnel, will I get picked up or will I be ok. Getting concerned, and I can't seem to find a telephone number for the DVLA that works from here to double check it all. Has anyone ever done this and if so how did it go?


Henry-835792 1291661149

Sounds a lttle tricky. Even if you get an MOT in Dover, your car will still not be taxed, and the constabulary use licence plate recognition devices. Perhaps you could go straight to a post office and tax your car immediately the MOT is done - assuming your insurance is valid and you have a UK address.

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