started by: Massie-835617 · last update: 1407840246 · posted: 1407481651

A car bumped into mine in a car park a week back, but there was no damage to either car so both agreed on this and drove off - now I have received a notification that he is claiming damage was done to the car - what do I do.  My insurance company are prepared to pay up but I am not.

started by: Anreka · last update: 1406195266 · posted: 1406191981

My car will soon need two new tyres and wondering if there is a cheap tyre palce in  or around Amsterdam as the dealer has quoted me what I think is a fortune for them.

started by: Zippo-835669 · last update: 1405594299 · posted: 1404685687

Can anyone recomend a parking company at the airport that does meet and greet and parks your car for you please?

started by: Planetoid · last update: 1405433821 · posted: 1405350580

Hi all Wondering if anyone can advise me. What documents are required if I need to buy a car in Holland?

started by: Chandler-835614 · last update: 1404461581 · posted: 1404203689

Which company is the best one to use at Amsterdam airport?  Friends arriving at the weekend and need to sort out a car hire as I only hae a two seater.

started by: Bertha-835611 · last update: 1380290217 · posted: 1380290217

If I go back to England to live, do I have to change my Dutch Driving Licence for a UK one?  I am 64. Thanks

started by: gaia-835697 · last update: 1377469551 · posted: 1377173664

Can anyone advise me, please, where I can hire a medium sized van to take some furniture to the UK?

started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1376946453 · posted: 1376564890

I have been quoted a fortune by the Toyota dealer. Is there somewhere that is likely to be cheaper?

started by: bizz · last update: 1376652106 · posted: 1376652106

Just wondered if owners of small "eco" diesel cars like the Blue Motion Polo are aware that they're no longer free of road tax from January. I've calculated that I'm going to have to find about €1000 next year!

started by: Britney Ferris · last update: 1376155945 · posted: 1375906593

How does the penalty system work here?  I think I've just been flashed! Will I get a ticket in the post?

started by: PattiMay · last update: 1374857316 · posted: 1374152069

I know it's an odd time of year to be thinking about these, but quite a few (Dutch) people I talk to say they have a set for winter! It seems a big expense to me - are they really necessary?

started by: BJ-835612 · last update: 1374225893 · posted: 1374225893

Can anyone recommend a bodyshop in the Ultrect area as need to get a minor ding done on my car before selling it.

started by: visitor-836866 · last update: 1373533710 · posted: 1373533710

I'll be working here for a couple of months. Can I buy a secondhand car to use while I'm here?

started by: Arven-835610 · last update: 1371424334 · posted: 1370853228

Looking for a vehicle scrapyard within 50 kilometers of Amsterdam - anyone know of any please,

started by: fiddlydiddly-836694 · last update: 1367225625 · posted: 1366809725

We are driving to Spain in the summer (Denia) with a caravan and wondered if anyone had done this trip and could give us some advice on the best routes.  We are novices at caravanning and so far have only done mainly local trips and stuck to autoroutes as much as possible but we would like to spend some time exploring a few places en-route this time so any advice - good sites to stay and  routes would be really welcome.

started by: Deadly Ernest · last update: 1366810340 · posted: 1365786999

My wife has decided she'd like one! Any idea where I can find one - preferably left hand drive?

started by: Glynn-835808 · last update: 1365715099 · posted: 1365596560

Where is the best place to hire a bike for the day in Amsterdam, we have our own but have friends who want us to show them around the city by bike.  I need somewhere near to where there is a car park as we will be driving into the centre.

started by: Bill B-836409 · last update: 1365592193 · posted: 1365326117

Has anyone experience of this? I would be glad to hear of any issues.

started by: Chandler-835614 · last update: 1363336183 · posted: 1363089122

Anyone know if you can fit universal ones to a Range Rover ?  Local Dealer not helpful as wants to sell me the LR branded one which are three times the price of universal ones.

started by: Bertha-835611 · last update: 1363253702 · posted: 1363088468

Anyone seen a Dawes Shopper style Bike - been looking for one for ages and can't seem to find a bike shop here that sells them.

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