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I am considering buying a new car but need to sell my UK car, which I brought over and registered here. Is there anywhere here that buys RHD cars?

started by: biggles-836384 · last update: 1362167164 · posted: 1362167164

Has anyone experience of importing a car from the USA?

started by: visitor-836866 · last update: 1361892642 · posted: 1360854367

Any suggestions where we can buy a couple of secondhand bikes - and maybe sell them back in a couple of months?

started by: Penny Wise-836404 · last update: 1360755905 · posted: 1359665602

I'm starting to panic - I am resident in Holland but still drive over here with my UK licence, which is OK, except that the address on the licence is my old UK address. I will be going over next month in the car. What if I get stopped? My licence will show a false address and I can't change it to my Dutch address.

started by: Desperate Dan-835748 · last update: 1360755581 · posted: 1360577069

I need to swap the headlamps on my RHD Vitara in order to register it here. Any suggestions please where I can buy some at a reasonable price? (dealer is quoting me a lot of money - almost as much as the car is worth!!)

started by: Penny Wise-836404 · last update: 1359555550 · posted: 1358965359

Hi My uncle wants to drive our car which is registered and insured in Holland. He has his own car insurance in the U.K. Will this cover him to drive our car here? I am not sure if it is the car or the people that are insured here in Holland? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated

started by: Arven-835610 · last update: 1358879935 · posted: 1358879935

Anyone seen or have one - dealer wants a fortune and only need it for 3 weeks at Easter.

started by: TBJ-836680 · last update: 1358799083 · posted: 1358799083

Does anyone know of a company that can transport our car (not driveable) to UK from Utrecht? Thank you

started by: visitor-836866 · last update: 1358337574 · posted: 1357993348

Is it possible to insure a UK registered car in Holland?  My UK insurance only covers me for 90 days in the EU, which runs out at the end of February, but I'll be here until June.

started by: Henry-835792 · last update: 1357746050 · posted: 1357161281

Can anyone recommend a vintage car specialist in the Amsterdam area please?  I have a pre-war Mercedes that I've been working on but no longer have the time.

started by: Britney Ferris · last update: 1357745851 · posted: 1357745851

Is it possibly to insure a UK registered car locally? Any tips?

started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1355481374 · posted: 1354543297

I would like to fit winter tyres on my car. Who's doing the best deals at the moment?

started by: Houx-836051 · last update: 1355434769 · posted: 1355155283

Hi,  My son is looking for a lift from Bristol to Amsterdam. Will obviously share costs.

started by: Mirren-835618 · last update: 1354542701 · posted: 1354262623

We bought a car over here from the UK and registered it here, now we want to give it to our son who is going to study in the UK but will come back during the holidays.  As insurance cover is only for 3 months (90 days) abroad it means that he will require the car to be insured in the UK, Does anyone know how we de-register here and re-register in the UK please?

started by: Echo-835615 · last update: 1353622692 · posted: 1353062763

Recommendation for a good used car dealer needed. 

started by: TBJ-836680 · last update: 1352293093 · posted: 1351945110

I need to get my son's UK car registered here, but have to get the headlights swapped. I don't want to pay for new ones on an oldish car. Would a breaker have a set?

started by: anorak · last update: 1351800798 · posted: 1351707923

I had my bike stolen the other day, and I need to replace it. Where can I buy a second hand bike at a reasonable price (other than from a thief, of course!)

started by: Vee-835924 · last update: 1351705981 · posted: 1351285877

I need to travel to Toulouse on business next week, carrying some equipment, so flying/train not feasible. I am thinking of driving down in a day, and driving back in a day. Is that a good idea? Am I likely to hit bad weather/get held up?

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1351286066 · posted: 1350988532

We have a caravan in the UK in store. We were going to sell it but are now thinking of bringing it over here after Xmas to use next year. Are there any problems re licencing it - or import duties?

started by: UB40-835763 · last update: 1350989387 · posted: 1349879299

Can someone tell me if there's a garage that services Perodua cars near Apeldoorn please?

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