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Hello,  I was wondering where can I buy a cheap foldable bike in Amsterdam? If you know of a place that sells cheap new or cheap second-hand bikes please let me know. Also, if the place has a online website, I would appreciate this information.     

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Does anyone know of a garage in the Groningen area that could service my classic 60s Alfa Romeo?

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Hi Everyone,Can anyone please tell me if you know of a garage that caters for classic cars, specifically a Triumph? Apeldoorn area.Thanks in advance!

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Any suggestions as to who I can insure my UK registered car for a further six months in Holland? The UK insurance is about to expire after 180 days' use outside the UK.

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HiWe'll be in Amsterdam for Jan & Feb 2012, and wanted to have bikes over that period. Thinking it will probably be less expensive to buy and resell, than to rent. Any suggestions on where to find cheap reliable bikes to buy?

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What are the benefits? Quite a few people I know seem to be fitting them, but it seems an expensive exercise for a little bad weather!

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Hi, I'm looking for somebody or a recommendation to do some bodywork on my car - its quite a nice car so want a decent job doing. Not major dents, mainly paintwork. Also, one of the seats needs upholstery repair. Near Zwolle, if possible.

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If I bring my car over from the UK will I have to pay import tax - it is only 18 months old?

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We are moving to Amsterdam soon and are intending to bring our car. Will we need to re-register it in Holland, and can you tell us what would be involved if we do?

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Can anyone tell me if they can be used on public roads here? I have one in the UK and was thinking of bringing it over.

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Does anyone know of a website where people can offer to car-share?

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Can anyone tell me how long it will take to drive a loaded van from Amsterdam to Budapest? Can it be done in a day? What's the best route?

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Can anyone tell me whether we need to get Dutch driving licences now that we are Dutch residents?

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Is there any cost benefit in buying one in Germany and importing it? Are there any problems registering it in the Netherlands?

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I need to get my car back to the uk in a couple of weeks. I need to`drive it as I need to take my dog. It has insurance and is UK registered sorn (off road). If I book an MOT appointment for the uk, when I drive off the eurotunnel, will I get picked up or will I be ok. Getting concerned, and I can't seem to find a telephone number for the DVLA that works from here to double check it all. Has anyone ever done this and if so how did it go?

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Am driving to Estonia border next week...Mon18th or Tue19th leaving France via Nederlands,Belguim,Germany,Poland & Latvia....Does anyone require a lift? If interested please, be serious not like the messers about l had last time. Contacting me via PM is best.Thank you.

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How long are you allowed to drive on UK plates before you have to change them to Dutch ones? My insurance covers me fully comp for a year overseas so will I have to change it before that runs out.

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We are getting a ferry from the port near Amsterdam to go to Newcastle. Is the parking there secure? Anyone had a problem?

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Has anyone experience of this? I have been offered one but would need to register it here. I wonder if there are any pitfalls.

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Anyone tell me how much it is likely to cost to put extra people on our car insurance -all are over 25, I don't want to call the insurance company until I have a rough idea.

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