started by: Tamsin-779128 · last update: 1438590712 · posted: 1438590712

Our first time visit to this event at the weekend and it was amazing, it got a bit crowded but well worth it.  Did anyone else go?

started by: Houx-836051 · last update: 1437671493 · posted: 1437348176

I have friends coming to stay next week, with 10 year old twins. Any ideas about places to go or events on that would entertain them?

started by: Anreka · last update: 1432452852 · posted: 1432416291

Since The Netherlands got knocked out, now who do we vote for - Sweden seems favourite.

started by: Fred Baer · last update: 1431960433 · posted: 1431687548

My wife says she thinks Madonna is coming to Amsterdam, but I can't find anything. Does anyone know if this is the case?

started by: ZeeZee · last update: 1428051258 · posted: 1427528499

Could anyone recommend a good cabaret or show that will be on during our visit to Amsterdam - we will be there from the 17th to 20th April.

started by: Trev1-966477 · last update: 1427225021 · posted: 1426807929

Has anyone been to the Amstrdam Sex Museum? I'm asking as I would like to take my brother-in-law who is a bit of a prude. Will he be shocked and his wife deeply offended?

started by: Splodges · last update: 1425031556 · posted: 1424776954

Want to see Still Alice. Is this going to be possible in English in Amsterdam at the moment? 

started by: Oggmonster · last update: 1424768861 · posted: 1424258711

Did anyone record (on removable media) the first episode of that Channel 4 drama set in India? I missed it and really want to see it.

started by: Planetoid · last update: 1422376586 · posted: 1421328179

Main concert venues in Amsterdam? Looking for gigs from small to medium bands.

started by: Ethan-835616 · last update: 1421258660 · posted: 1420958833

Just booked tickets for their concert on the 22nd March - can;t wait but not having been to the Ziggo Dome before is there parking on-site?

started by: BJ-835612 · last update: 1420806255 · posted: 1420539362

Can anyone recommend a good folk club in or around Amsterdam area please?  Friends coming to stay who love folk music.

started by: Massie-835617 · last update: 1420710945 · posted: 1420192822

Has anyone seen this yet and is it worth going to see?

started by: BJ-835612 · last update: 1419265019 · posted: 1418967050

Anyone know of any ballet performances on over the Christmas period please - does not matter if a local amateur or professional company.

started by: TBJ-836680 · last update: 1417533813 · posted: 1417533813

Where's it all happening on New Year's Eve? Would be grateful for any pointers :-)

started by: Rita-835681 · last update: 1416981361 · posted: 1416922452

I don't suppose anyone knows of a Piper for New Years Eve?

started by: Planetoid · last update: 1416568467 · posted: 1416568467

Are there these type of things going on in Amsterdam? It's sort of a sit down dinner and a piece of theatre while you eat. Each table has to work out who the murderer is.

started by: Natelie-835794 · last update: 1415780223 · posted: 1415710305

Can anyone recommend one in the centre of Amsterdam please?

started by: Beechmeister · last update: 1415353286 · posted: 1415353286

Are there any museums about windmills in the Amsterdam area?

started by: Planetoid · last update: 1415191727 · posted: 1414757463

Where do you get tickets to watch Ajax Amsterdam? Is the Amsterdam Arena always sold out, even against the lesser teams?

started by: Trev1-966477 · last update: 1414583969 · posted: 1414583969

Are there any public parties in Amsterdam where I can don my infamous Wonder Woman outfit and embarrass my wife?

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