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Are you holding an event in the Amsterdam region that you would like AngloInfo to include in the What's On section on this site?  You can now submit it here http://amsterdam.angloinfo.com/whatson/newevent/

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Our first time visit to this event at the weekend and it was amazing, it got a bit crowded but well worth it.  Did anyone else go?

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I have friends coming to stay next week, with 10 year old twins. Any ideas about places to go or events on that would entertain them?

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Since The Netherlands got knocked out, now who do we vote for - Sweden seems favourite.

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My wife says she thinks Madonna is coming to Amsterdam, but I can't find anything. Does anyone know if this is the case?

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Could anyone recommend a good cabaret or show that will be on during our visit to Amsterdam - we will be there from the 17th to 20th April.

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Has anyone been to the Amstrdam Sex Museum? I'm asking as I would like to take my brother-in-law who is a bit of a prude. Will he be shocked and his wife deeply offended?

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Want to see Still Alice. Is this going to be possible in English in Amsterdam at the moment? 

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Did anyone record (on removable media) the first episode of that Channel 4 drama set in India? I missed it and really want to see it.

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Main concert venues in Amsterdam? Looking for gigs from small to medium bands.

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Just booked tickets for their concert on the 22nd March - can;t wait but not having been to the Ziggo Dome before is there parking on-site?

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Can anyone recommend a good folk club in or around Amsterdam area please?  Friends coming to stay who love folk music.

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Has anyone seen this yet and is it worth going to see?

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Anyone know of any ballet performances on over the Christmas period please - does not matter if a local amateur or professional company.

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Where's it all happening on New Year's Eve? Would be grateful for any pointers :-)

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I don't suppose anyone knows of a Piper for New Years Eve?

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Are there these type of things going on in Amsterdam? It's sort of a sit down dinner and a piece of theatre while you eat. Each table has to work out who the murderer is.

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Can anyone recommend one in the centre of Amsterdam please?

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Are there any museums about windmills in the Amsterdam area?

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