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Did anyone record (on removable media) the first episode of that Channel 4 drama set in India? I missed it and really want to see it.


Trev1-966477 1424355969

I take it you can't watch it on Catchup TV then? Get a VPN lije expat shield or a smart DNS service like the one supplied by Overplay. Job done.

chocchick-835613 1424673773

I have it - PM me and I can sort out getting it to you.  Have last nights episode too.

Oggmonster 1424693072

Many thanks for the replies. Now have seen episode 1 and missed episode 2.

Tried catching up here but need to be in the UK. Looks like I'll have to get a VPN.

chocchick-835613 1424768861

As I said i have Episode 2 if you need to watch it.  Did not know that you could get the link you out in your posting to work over here - handy to know so thanks for that.

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