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Kirsty K



Hello, My husband and I wish to go to London for a concert in the o2 Arena in London at Monday the 8th of July.(our wedding anniversary)As this will be the first time we are going, we also want to take this oppertunity to visit London for a tourist trip.  Can anyone tell me what would be the best way of traveling from Utrecht to London (car train, ferry, plane?)


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Personally I'd go by train - Eurostar from Brussels or Lille takes you right into the city.

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Just spotted this post - I would definitely recommend flying - from Schipol > London City.

Frequent flights and very reasonable.

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Personally I quite like the Megabus - used it for the first time just before Christmas - cost me £15 out on the Friday night - got to London the next moring and £9 returning on the Tuesday night got in next morning.  Slept on the coach until we got to the ferry, had something to eat on the ferry and slept again on the UK side.  Left my luggage at the hotel near Victoria and off we went until we checked in that afternoon at the hotel.  Just perfect for me and dead cheap.

Kirsty K 1360576710

Thanks folks!!  I think the megabus sounds like good value but a bit of a trek for a weekend. I will definitely look at the flights to London City Airport though!

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