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Are there any public parties in Amsterdam where I can don my infamous Wonder Woman outfit and embarrass my wife?

started by: Splodges · last update: 1414152863 · posted: 1413803333

Are there ghost tours around Amsterdam? I'm not sure whether its know for its paranormal activity, but a little ghosty adventure around Amsterdam would be quite fun I think.

started by: chocchick-835613 · last update: 1414091974 · posted: 1413785544

Ideas please on what to buy an Aunt who is coming to stay and has recently lost her husband, she is my husbands Aunt and I don;t know her very well and when I ask my husband he has not got a clue as to what she likes.

started by: Pom-778826 · last update: 1410854911 · posted: 1410854911

Are there any tea shops in Amsterdam, the type that sell loose tea's that is.

started by: PattiMay · last update: 1410728875 · posted: 1409057853

On a day visit with a couple of friends to Amsterdam who want to visit a few art galleries next week - any recommendation as to which are the best ones to visit and close to each other.

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I'm going on tour in October, from the 17th to the 23rd of October i'll be in Holland (The Hague) and from the 23rd to the 28th i'll be in Berlin... I've been having some problems finding good venues to apply to.  If you know of anywhere, i would be very grateful to let me know...    I have performed at most of the UK festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown, Beautiful day ect... But am looking to play more abroad now... can you help?  I already have gigs on the 17th, and in Berlin on the 23rd ... The one on the 23rd means I cannot play anywhere else in Kreuzberg... but other than that it's all good. :) Here is a link to my music...  https://soundcloud.com/slightly-offensive-steve   Thanks for taking the time to read this :) 

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Where is a good place for a girls night out in Amsterdam, few drinks and some dancing would be good.

started by: Melanie-836772 · last update: 1404461953 · posted: 1404415940

Hello, does anyone know where one can find Irish dance classes for young children?  We live near Haarlem but I would be willing to drive a reasonable distance for a good instructor...

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Are there any bars that have jam sessions (folk/blues)?

started by: Flick-903742 · last update: 1379414451 · posted: 1378810125

Any in Amsterdam that have organised nights out please?

started by: Polly-835710 · last update: 1369213746 · posted: 1369039514

Is it me or is the Eurovision like a kiss of death to the UK's entry every year,  I had not heard the song that Bonnie Tyler was going to sing until she performed it and was expecting one of her usual belter's - what a disappointment. At least the Netherlands had a respectable vote total .  

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Are there any on in or around Amsterdam over the Easter weekend?

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Hello, My husband and I wish to go to London for a concert in the o2 Arena in London at Monday the 8th of July.(our wedding anniversary)As this will be the first time we are going, we also want to take this oppertunity to visit London for a tourist trip.  Can anyone tell me what would be the best way of traveling from Utrecht to London (car train, ferry, plane?)

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Does anyone know where we can celebrate Burn's Night in Amsterdam please?

started by: Rita-835681 · last update: 1358416628 · posted: 1358416628

I have some old friends from school who have decided to visit for a reunion (guess they fancy a weekend in Amsterdam rather than Brighton) but I am out of touch with what's 'hot' in Amsterdam these days so can I get some help from other AI Amsterdammers as where to take them for a good night out.

started by: Massie-835617 · last update: 1358245502 · posted: 1358072699

I have some friends visiting next month and know that they are avid museum goers and I am not, so wondered if anyone can recommend a few that they could visit whilst they are here without me being in tow as I shall be working some of the time and the days I am would be ideal for them to do this.

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Someone told my wife that she's doing a concert in Amsterdam soon - but I can't find out when or where! - Help!!!

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Are there any in Amsterdam that feature Celtic music?

started by: bizz · last update: 1354133259 · posted: 1351706582

Does anyone know if any bars will be showing the Autumn internationals?

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Are there any events happening this weekend for St Patrick's Day?

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