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The premiere of the new InPlayers production is in slightly over 2 weeks on 7 November and we are told the show is going to be great fun. Only 4 shows till 10 November featuring Apollo, Hercules, beautiful queen Alcestis and the 3 Fates.  Be sure to order your tickets now!   Please also forward this invite to anyone you think may be interested: friends, neighbours, colleagues, personal trainer, hairdresser.. http://amsterdam.angloinfo.com/whatson/event/3738/inplayers-alcestis-revisited

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Help, friends are coming to stay in September and do not want to drive, whilst I can take a few days off work cannot drive them around for the whole fortnight that they are over for so wondered if anyone had any suggestions for day trips outside of Amsterdam to other places by train or bus and the best way to book them.

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Does anyone know if a CD has been made of the Olympic Ceremony music? If so, is it for sale here?

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Does anyone know a cafe/bar in Amsterdam where I can watch Andy Murray today?

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I know the TV screens are full of football at the moment, but I'd like to see the rugby internationals tomorrow. (Wales/Australia and England/SAfrica). Any idea where/how?

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Any ideas if the Cannes films will be shown in original language in Amsterdam?

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I believe that in June they're re-running the operas that they showed via Pathe cinemas last season, however the Pathe website seems to list the operas but not the dates. Can anybody clarify for me please?

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Does anyone know if the concerts on the Museumplein will happen tomorrow, if the weather remains as bad as it is now? I'm asking because I plan to travel in to Amsterdam and don't want a wasted trip :))

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I think my wife's about to banish me from the house on Saturday (painting and decorating), so I need to find a cafe or bar that will be showing the rugby internationals on TV. Any guidance would be gratefully received!!

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Know of any big US or UK rock bands playing in Amsterdam in April?

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Planning ahead - we would like to hire a piper for Burns Night (January 25th for Sassenachs :)) Are there any in the Netherlands? Otherwise we'll import one!

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Hi, I'll be in Amsterdam for a week in a couple of weeks time & I'll be staying at the Eden Rambrandt Square hotel. Just wondering if anyone would like to join me for a drink, cinema, or to go out in Amsterdam. Any suggestions on nice places to go out on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat nights? BTW - I am 28, male, enjoy all sort of music but mainly house, & dance. Speak to you soon.Jay xx

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The kids are pestering to go and see it again over Xmas, they enjoyed it so much last year. Any idea where/when its on?

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Someone tells me Brian Wilson's coming to Amsterdam soon. Where's the best (safest) place to get tickets?

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My (grown up) kids are staying with us in September and we'd like to book a show while they're here. Any ideas???

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Friends have asked for hotel recommendation in the centre of Amsterdam in September, not having stayed in any here myself could do with some help on the subject. Family hotel please and not too expensive.

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Hi Any suggestions for bars/cafes that have 60s/70s/80s live music? The ones I've been to so far seem to have either hip-hop or death metal! Or have I just timed it wrong?

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Wife of Deadly here....! Does anyone know of any British (or Commonwealth) expat parties for the Wedding??

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We're going to the cinema in Amsterdam tomorrow - for the first time! Silly question, probably...but will the film be in English?

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In a couple of weeks. Any Welsh societies/clubs in Amsterdam?

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