started by: Rita-835681 · last update: 1294671939 · posted: 1294604417

No this is not a joke, did anyone read about this so called artist Katinka Simonse, who used nearly a hundred hamsters in the name of art and appeared in court on Friday in Amsterdam - anyone know the outcome - hope they make an example of her as there are too many artists using and abusing animals in the name of art.

started by: anorak · last update: 1294412665 · posted: 1294143661

Are there any English language comedy clubs in or around Amsterdam?

started by: Henry-835792 · last update: 1290960879 · posted: 1290939506

Any recommendations in Amsterdam? The grandchildren are coming over for Xmas.

started by: Deadly Ernest · last update: 1286634058 · posted: 1286197638

My nephew and niece, who are coming to stay in a couple of weeks, have asked me where the best place is for garage music (whatever that might be!) Can anybody advise me?

started by: Britney Ferris · last update: 1280831968 · posted: 1280310253

I have two teenagers staying with me for the next three weeks. Any ideas for keeping them amused - around the Amsterdam area?

started by: Silas Dance · last update: 1279625833 · posted: 1279550855

Some one said the show is coming to Amsterdam soon. I want to buy tickets but I can't find where its on at - or exactly when!! Help!

started by: Joanna-835696 · last update: 1278257292 · posted: 1278088244

A neighbour has suggested we go to see them on Monday evening. Do you know if we have to book tickets?

started by: Joanna-835696 · last update: 1278257011 · posted: 1278168057

Where can I get a full programme? I gather it's at several different venues.

started by: Skippy-835756 · last update: 1277237684 · posted: 1277036142

Does anyone have a recommendation for a person who does great face painting for kids? They would need to be able to come to Haarlem (ie not too far away!) If possible it would be great if they were also an English speaker.

started by: gaia-835697 · last update: 1275071899 · posted: 1275071899

Some gay friends have invited us to a Eurovision party tomorrow night and asked us to come as one of the countries, I was going as The Netherlands dressed all in Orange and my OH as an Edam Cheese - don't ask!, but now they have been knocked out need some ideas - anyone got any.

started by: Britney Ferris · last update: 1273698544 · posted: 1273260869

Somebody mentioned that there was an American Shakespeare company coming to A'dam soon, but I've tried googling - no luck so far! Does anyone know more?

started by: Celyn · last update: 1272560522 · posted: 1272402329

We've been invited round by some neighbours for a meal and drinks on Thursday evening. Did we ought to take something - a card or a gift of some sort?

started by: anorak · last update: 1270579752 · posted: 1270496664

I'm told that on Queens Day (April 30th) everyone wears orange! Is that right? Also that the city becomes a giant flea market/car boot sale, which is interesting, as I have some craft items which I'd like to sell. Do you know if I need permission to set a stall up?

started by: Ethan-835616 · last update: 1270495000 · posted: 1270387282

Anyone got any suggestions for where to take 2 kids 8 and 9 years old for the day - babysitting friends kids and have promeised to do something with them tomorrow. They both like horses so something to do with horses would be good, if not anything that would get them out in the fresh air and off my computer would be good.

started by: Skippy-835756 · last update: 1270235565 · posted: 1269438618

Went to EasyLaughs the other night. Great fun! They have a 5th anniversary special show on April 9th. Here's their website - http://www.easylaughs.nl/index.html

started by: jock-835632 · last update: 1268250237 · posted: 1268080033

How can I get to see I Player over here by the weekend ? I'd like to see the Scotland/England rugby but I'm tied up when its on live.

started by: anorak · last update: 1267479110 · posted: 1267215255

Are there any in Amsterdam - the kind that show the sort of movies that aren't on general release / old classics, etc.

started by: Joanna-835696 · last update: 1267106691 · posted: 1266595085

Anything going on in Amsterdam that day? Have a load of mates from Dublin who are over then and no doubt they will want to celebrate.

started by: Celyn · last update: 1264853534 · posted: 1264853534

I have a couple of girlfriends over for the weekend. They've decided they want to go clubbing! Any recommendations?

started by: Ethan-835616 · last update: 1264580927 · posted: 1264257264

I just heard that FaceBook are going to charge people that are registered with them - is this true? and if so how much.

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