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I know it's a bit short notice, but are there any pipers out there who could do their bit for a private Burns Night party in Amsterdam?

started by: Bertha-835611 · last update: 1263485642 · posted: 1263485642

MOH plays guitar - folkie stuff - but would like to try some jazz with like minded souls. Are there any "informal" jazz bars / clubs he could go to?

started by: Echo-835615 · last update: 1262168074 · posted: 1262168074

Looking for recommendations on what to do on New Years Eve, don't fancy going to a big disco or show but a smaller celebration (perhaps Dinner and a show or just a Restaurant where it will be lively). We are in our 30's if that helps.

started by: Arven-835610 · last update: 1261497909 · posted: 1261497909

Does anyone know if there's a Midnight Mass in English anywhere on Xmas Eve?

started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1260787279 · posted: 1260711043

Are there any folk clubs or societies in Amsterdam?

started by: Arven-835610 · last update: 1260556845 · posted: 1260299229

Are there any venues in or around Amsterdam that put on small concerts - quartets, chamber music, that sort of thing?

started by: eugipsy · last update: 1260436360 · posted: 1260436360

where can i take the kids to meet santa this weekend?

started by: Anreka · last update: 1259867413 · posted: 1259867413

Did you know that every Star Trek movie is being shown in Amsterdam in January?? http://amsterdam.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhat.asp?cat=15 At the Melkweg (Milky Way) - very appropriate I thought!! Hubby's already sent his Klingon suit to the dry cleaners....

started by: Chandler-835614 · last update: 1259762983 · posted: 1259601580

Anyone suggest good bars/clubs for live rock? I'm not into house/dj stuff.

started by: jock-835632 · last update: 1259758307 · posted: 1259758307

Are there any Scottish social clubs in Amsterdam? I'm thinking about Hogmanay!!

started by: Ethan-835616 · last update: 1259606557 · posted: 1259606557

Where does everyone gather for New Year celebrations? I used to go to Trafalgar Square when I lived in London.

started by: Ethan-835616 · last update: 1259159255 · posted: 1259159255

Are there any in or around Amsterdam?

started by: Bertha-835611 · last update: 1259152862 · posted: 1259152862

We've been invited round by our elderly Dutch neighbours on Christmas Eve. Do you know if we're expected to take anything with us, like presents or food/drink?

started by: Anreka · last update: 1259016060 · posted: 1258890071

A load of friends from Wales are coming over next week and we are heading to Amsterdam for the weekend and they want to find a good bar to watch the Wales game. Does anyone know of a bar that is showing it and won't get annoyed about them singing?

started by: oldtricks · last update: 1256810806 · posted: 1256810806

Are any of the bars(or anywhere) doing anything special for halloween?

started by: zippy79 · last update: 1256668311 · posted: 1255944885

My laptop has stopped working, where can I take it to get fixed?

started by: classicrock · last update: 1255510287 · posted: 1255510287

What is going on here to celebrate halloween- do they make much of it here? Will we get kids knocking on the door? Is it normal to decorate your house for the day/ put pumpkins out?

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Wondering whats on this weekend for a couple of art and music fans we've got visiting?

started by: h2o-834511 · last update: 1254299902 · posted: 1254299902

I have heard from Spanish friends that rec 2 will be out at the cinemas there soon, and wondered if any of the cinemas will be showing it here?

started by: Jose1 · last update: 1253876231 · posted: 1251967655

I would like to buy sheet music for a good friends birthday. I have looked in some second hand shops and not found anything that appealed so I thought I'd buy something new instead. Where would I find a shop stocking sheet music?

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