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Wii with controllers, nunchuck controller & 5 games - EUR200 (Amsterdam)Excellent deal, rarely used Wii Nintendo wii console + remote controller + nunchuck controller & 5 games. Moving to the USA, must sell. 200 Euros firm Email me at mike.kittle12@gmail.com

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Has anyone been to see this exhibition? I quite fancy having a look- is it worth it?

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Hi, dutch friends of mine have invited me for a two day trip to amsterdam. They are planning the itinerary but is there one thing you would reccommend to do and or see whilst on holiday? many thanks

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Does anyone know the route that the Gay Pride parade will take on Saturday?

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Where is the Vodka Museum, sounds like fun, Do you get freebies?

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looking for a nice family outing this weekend any ideas?

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need to find somewhere to take our 12 year old for the day as a treat we rashly promised without knowing where it would be thanks in advance

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Is the above worth a visit, have you been, whats it like interesting?

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is there such a thing within striking distance of the city?

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Hi I was wondering if anyone knew if Paul Potts was coming to Amsterdam on his tour?

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I'd love to get an angel reading, but don't know where to go- can anyone point me in the right direction?

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I'd like to join a library, but before I go there and have to come home and fetch paperwork, can anyone tell me what I need? Also do the libraries have free internet access here?

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Are there any pubs or clubs that play heavy Metal in Amsterdam?I'm looking for a place that will play an all out metal night..Spineshank, Disturbed, Fear Factory, Machine Head, Nine Inch Nails.. Thats the kind of stuff that I love, but i've been out a couple of times and not found anything.

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the name of the detective set in Amsterdam, on TV years ago I seem to recall it had a very indivdual sounding theme tune but what was it called?

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I wondered what was happing the other night with police and ambulances, lady nextdoor told me it was the annual "Dream Night" at the Zoo when children with special need are taken for a night out transported by the emergeny services with lights flashing etc.

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I'd like to take a first aid course- just basic- can anyone point me in the right direction?

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What films do you recommend for a happy feelgood vibe? All my friends watch horrors all the time and I fancy somethinhg a bit lighter and cheerier- with a happy ending!

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Have I missed this believe there are free Rock concerts every year in this town?

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Where abouts is the Amsterdam dungeon located, is the attraction suitable for a child aged 8.

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Where is the chocolate expedition located, i have heard t is very good.

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