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Where can i charter a boat for a group with a meal on board while cruising?

started by: Cloggie-834402 · last update: 1240230008 · posted: 1240222062

Hello, does anyone know when the Bulb Carnival takes place? It's usually around the 1st May time.

started by: Thor-834567 · last update: 1239874453 · posted: 1237884929

I have heard there is an aboriginal art place in Amsterdam, anyone know where it is?

started by: Dan-834572 · last update: 1239874140 · posted: 1239874140

Hi, I know there is usually lots of parties in the city on Queen's night but I was wondering if there were any gay friendly events happening anywhere?

started by: hogi · last update: 1239704997 · posted: 1239696407

Anyone know where i can get Fleet Foxes tickets from?

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Hi, My name is stephen and I have recently moved to Enkhuizen, North Holland. I am single and work as a yacht skipper.I am looking for people to share fun times with.I am also studying dutch and if there are any dutch people looking to improve english, then this could be a great opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.Steve

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There is a Vermeer on exhibition that I would like to see, I don't know much about it only that it's quite different to his usual style and I think is froma private collector. Can anyone give me a bit more info about it? Dan

started by: daffy-834635 · last update: 1237622091 · posted: 1237192765

in the city what can we look forward to, events, music etc.

started by: hackett-834508 · last update: 1237375326 · posted: 1236592174

I would like to start attending art classes. Does anyone have information on what is available or where i might start to look?

started by: Dan-834572 · last update: 1237373557 · posted: 1236861287

This event is being held to celebtate the 750 years of the town of Amersfoort. The idea for this event is for residents, who don’t know each other, invite each other over to eat together. Do you know people from the sport club, church or from the neighbourhood? And do you want to get to know them better? The day of Sofie aan tafel! Residents of Amersfoort meet each other around the table, students cook lovely dishes and old meets young. It would be fantastic if Amerfoort could reach a total of 750 tables of people sharing a meal in 2009. To be a host, sign up by calling Amersfoort 750: 033 469 8750. Dan

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Is it true that Lilly Allen is coming to Amsterdam? I would love to take the kids to see her!

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Where can i get Simply Red concert tickets, anyone know?

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Are there any NO NO areas for busking in Amsterdam centre?

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What do you think is the best mobile phone service provider? I send lots of texts but make few phonecalls.

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Friends coming to Amsterdam next week, does anyone know of any jazz bars close to Dam square or Nadia hotel. Thank you

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Anyone know if the KFC damrak is still closed?

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My DVD remote is broken. Would it be worth trying to buy a new one or would it just be easier to buy a new DVD player?

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I was told that there is a big free music festival in Haarlem, just near Amsterdam, every year anyone got info

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Anyone know of any bars or clubs that do open mic nights?

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Is there a good comprehensive gay guide for Amsterdam that anyone can recommend?

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