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Please can someone give me information for Public Primary schools in Middelburg and names of Pediatricians? Thank you!

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Hi,We'll be moving to Amsterdam this summer. I am looking for daycare for my 14 month old and a kindergarten for my 4 year old. Can we enroll them into a local kindergarten? We are EU citizens. Do we have access to the same schooling as local Dutch people?Anyone with experience in these things?TIA

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Hello, Does anyone know a good violin teacher  in the Utrecht area? My daughter is eager to learn. Thanks for any leads.

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Could anyone recommend a hotel or B & B that welcomes children and not too 'posh' in the city centre please.

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We shall be in Amsterdam during Halloween with our children and wondered if it is celebrated in Amsterdam?

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Is it true that only 4 out of 10 schools have swimming lessons for their pupils.  No wonder so many children drown here each year and no wonder the Dutch Lifeboat association want swimming lessons in schools reinstated.

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Anyone with kids in haarlem, we have a 18 months old by and we just arrived in the beautiful Haarlem. we would like  to meet new people and another parents. My husband is working and I am discovering the city, so if anyone wants to join me for a coffee one day I will be very happy! see you soon I hope!

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What can I do with my Niece who is coming to stay for a week in early July from the USA, she is 15 and her mother says she has 'attitude'  I have no idea what she likes doing (nor does her mother)   I thought about taking her to the Zoo but is this too Kiddyish for her?  Any suggestions welcome.

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Ideas needed for relieving the stress of exams over the next fortnight for my son - something that we can do as a family together.

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Are there any spring events for children of note going on over this weekend please?

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Chech out Urban Dance School BeatZone! A great dance- and singing school in Amsterdam oud-zuid. Dance and singing classes in the age of 0-18. Next to dance classes, vocal training and birthday parties, we provide a wide range of classes for enthusiastic moms and dads!

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Do they ever do those live Disney shows in Amserdam? I'm thinking of Disney on Ice, that sort of thing.

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My neighbour has asked my 13 year old to babysit on a regular basis, however I am not keen as I think she is to young but wondered what the legal minimum age is for babysitters.

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Moving to near Ultrecht in a couple of months and would like to know if there is a Mum and Toddler group in the area?

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CoderDojo is a free, non-profit IT Club for kids, started in Ireland in 2011, now more than 506 worldwide including 4 in the Netherlands. It's for all levels, and more often than not the Mums and Dads learn as well.  Next CoderDojos are on in Leiden on 1st Nov and 6th Dec. We run in a mixture of English and Dutch, so it's ideally suited to the Expat community.  More info below and tickets at the link below. Future events will also appear here. http://www.eventbrite.com/o/coderdojo-leiden-5495554471 Thanks Paul CoderDojoLeiden@firstpartners.net Follow us on Twitter @ CoderDojoLeiden Leiden's CoderDojo - a free coding club for kids about 7-17 years of age. Our aim is to encouragement young people to get into computing and to be really good at it! No prior programming experience is required - if you are honestly interested in creating things using computers come a long and try it out! Like all dojos We try to make it relaxed, fun, cool and interesting. No lectures or classroom approaches here - it's 100% hands-on coding with the help of volunteer mentors to pass On Their knowledge and keep you challenged! This event is run by volunteers and as such please be nice, patient and if you can help with sponsorship, laptops, mentoring or any other aspect please do not hesitate to contact us! Tickets are FREE but if you would like to donate all monies will go back into supplies, venue hire, lunch, etc. for the kids attending - organizers and mentors are volunteers and give Their fiduciary time freely. Booking Notes: Bring a fully charged laptop, charger and a packed lunch Recommended Ages 7-17 Bring an adult if you're under 12. We'll have plenty to keep them interested. Interested in CoderDojo? More information at www.CoderDojo.nl

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Anyone know of any being performed in Amsterdam this year please?

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Recommendation for a creche or nursery near to the University of Amsterdam and how far in advance do you need to register.

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