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Do you need a lawyer to analyse your employment contract? To discover more about customising legal papers, requesting a fixed-fee quote from our Lawyer in Amsterdam, or any other legal needs, call our law firm for IT contract review or formulating Smart Legal Contracts on (0031) 611423719.Here are few questions you should ask your potential employment contract review attorney: https://wakelet.com/wake/MOFj290W8prcDTSTNxQ9I 

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Anyone know the situation regarding separated (unmarried) parents and the support of a child in Netherlands? My sister is being bumped by (unemployed and penniless) ex-partner into legal action because he thinks if he has more custody of their 7-year-old he can claim maintenance from my sister. She is a teacher solely responsible for two other children now in their early 20s (her responsibility for last 7 years) trying to complete a Masters as well as her day-job. I am very worried about the effect of this additional stress on her.  How can he even think he has a right? He has no job, has not paid a penny towards the child's support. So why is he forcing this issue? Where can she turn for help without being railroaded into having legal fees? Thanks for reading. 

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What is theright way to start investing in cryptocurrency?

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How do I go about registering an online business here in the Netherlands?

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Can someone recommend a financial advisor that I can speak to about investing some money after a house sale?

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I want to try to bet on sports, but I'm worried that I would not get cheated for money. Is there anyone experienced to advise me?

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Hello, I want to get a character in a game of raid, who for a small amount can I pump it?

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Hey all, So I'm looking for a little advice. I have just moved to the Netherlands with my wife. We are both registered and are legally allowed to work here.My wife and I work as photographers together, but my wife also work's as a model. Here is my question:-Is it necessary for both of us to register as freelancers, or can we register our business together as one entity. When my wife is modelling she is paid through a modelling agency that would normally deduct tax. Are there benefits of us both being registered as freelancers, or should only one of us be registered? I hope this makes sense :-SAny help appreciated guys...

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I would appreciate any recommendations for an accountant with knowledge of UK tax rules.

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Have just arrived and planning to get a new car on finance but have been told this is difficult without a Dutch licence and some finance history here. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Who would you recommend for life insurance here in the Netherlands and can you get it for a non-national?

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Hi, my son will start university in the UK soon and I will need to transfer money from here to the UK approx three times a year. I wanted to know if anyone has used companies to transfer money (for example smart currency). They seem to offer better rates than the banks but are they safe. Any advice welcome - especially from people who have actually used them

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Does anyone know if there is some kind of consumer protection organisation I can contact to deal with an on-line company who have charged me 200€ on my credit card for a service I have not received?

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Does anyone know if there is some kind of consumer protection organisation I can contact to deal with an on-line company who have charged me 200€ on my credit card for a service I have not received?

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We are taking a year out and renting out our house, do they have such a thing as Landlord insurance over here?

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How much would I likely be paying to set up as self-employed as a language teacher in The Netherlands? Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

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I know that you can't drink under the age of 18 in public but what about at home?

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Di anyone try logging on yesterday to do their tax return on the new online system?  Spent most of the day trying and kept getting told to try later - gave ip in the end.

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What is the legal position regarding firearms in Holland? Can one own an air pistol for instance?

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