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What perfume can I buy my wife who is in her 60s? What perfume do like best?

started by: TBJ-836680 · last update: 1415966892 · posted: 1415910923

Would appreciate any recommendations for Pilates classes in or near Utrecht please.

started by: erinnlow · last update: 1415290943 · posted: 1415290943

anyone know a personal trainer work out buddy and/or Health buff that can volunteer some time to help me lose weight? over a short time I gained 25kg and need a kick, motivation and inspiration to..... well kick it! any volunteerserinnlow@hotmail.com

started by: Callie-835667 · last update: 1414970971 · posted: 1414665841

Can anyone recommend a good chiropodist, my husband has an in-grown toenali and I am fed up with his moaning about it so have decided to get him to a chiropodist to get it sorted out.  Either Amsterdam or Utrcht area please.

started by: Janice-835724 · last update: 1412090186 · posted: 1410214811

How often should women over 40 get smear tests done over here - do they call you automatcally or do you have to ho and see your Doctor and ask for one?

started by: chocchick-835613 · last update: 1410994188 · posted: 1410530696

Daughter has just been to the dentist and told she has tandvleesontsteking - what is this?

started by: Joanna-835696 · last update: 1407840826 · posted: 1407837436

Hi, Can you recommend anyone who does good Electrolysis for threadveins (those tiny red veins on your face) please? Many thanks for your help :)

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Hello, I am looking for an Osteopath in Amsterdam preferably who was trained in UK. Thanks

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Hi,   Is anyone here a gym member ? I am considering joining, but not sure which one. Any advice would be appreciated !

started by: TBJ-836680 · last update: 1377724661 · posted: 1377724661

I need to find a decent Dermatologist in this area please. Thanks for replying

started by: UB40-835763 · last update: 1376298187 · posted: 1375871843

Hi, Can anyone recommend someone in the Zwolle area that specialises in NLP or Hypnotheraphy ? Thank you

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I read the other day that tiger mosquitos have been seen here. Should we be worried, as they can apparently carry some nasty diseases?

started by: George & Mildred-836032 · last update: 1366980401 · posted: 1366879499

I went to my doctor regarding pains in my joints and assumed that it was the start of  arthritis however he asked a lot about my lifestyle and said that it was more likely a defficiency in Vitamin D at my age and to get out of doors more.  I gather that people who spend most of their working day indoors are suceptible especially those who like me go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and don't get out at lunchtime into the fresh air.   I have now made it a rule to get out of the office every lunchtime into the fresh air  for at least half an hour and spend as much time outside at weekends as I can. Or maybe I should move somewhere where the sun shines all the time!

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Are there any expats out there who have formed their own team and play regularly as I used to play back home but only occasionaly since moving here and would'nt mind taking part once or twice a week.

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Has anyone bought spectacles online and if so was it OK?  I have no special requirements in the way of my prescription and as it seems so much cheaper thought I would give it a try.

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Can anyone recommend a regular Yoga class in Zaandam area during lunch hours please.

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Help! How do I go about sorting out having a doctor here in Amsterdam. Can anyone help me out with an idiots guide?Thanks and appreciate it!  

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Does anyone know if there is a salon which does threading anywhere around Utrecht please?

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My husband has hurt his back and can hardly move, can anyone recommend a good chiropractor, I think he has trapped a nerve?

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Where can I get Olbas Oil in Amsterdam?

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