Lacking in Vitamin D warning

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I went to my doctor regarding pains in my joints and assumed that it was the start of  arthritis however he asked a lot about my lifestyle and said that it was more likely a defficiency in Vitamin D at my age and to get out of doors more.  I gather that people who spend most of their working day indoors are suceptible especially those who like me go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and don't get out at lunchtime into the fresh air.   I have now made it a rule to get out of the office every lunchtime into the fresh air  for at least half an hour and spend as much time outside at weekends as I can. Or maybe I should move somewhere where the sun shines all the time!


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I have heard of this before and know someone who was told to use daylight light bulbs in their light fittings to help with this.  Worth knowing about as such a simple thing as being in the sunshine can help so much with health.

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