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Does anyone know if a local pharmacist will accept a UK prescription?

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Hi Can anyone please recommend a nice dentist in or around the Zwolle area.  My poor OH is suffering and needs some seeing to Happy new year to you all

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Can someone recommend one near Haarlem please?

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Hi, does anyone know how much the curling iron (not the flat iron) is at the Jose Eber booth on the first floor in de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam? I have been there a bit before Christmas and forgot the price. As I dont live in Adam, I am wondering if it's worth it buying it in the Bijenkorf or rather online. Thank you in advance, Wroni 

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Hi there, Does anyone know a good homeopath in Utrecht or near by? Thanks

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Is there anywhere I can find a list of private midwives in the Amsterdam area?

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Can an Insurance company refuse to accept you if you have pre exisiting medical conditions or can they exclude certain treatment from the cover?

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My dentist has recommended an implant to replace a tooth that I broke and is not savable, as it is a back tooth I have postponed treatment until after Christmas but want to know what the pro's and cons are if any.

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I have a prescription for new glasses, eyes tested in the UK a couple of months ago. Can I just go to an optician here to buy some new glasses (my current ones are broken)?

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Does any one know which brand of smoked salmon has caused the outbreak? I have some Scottish smoked salmon in my freezer but don't want to throw it out if its OK :-/

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Any recommendations for classes near Ede please?

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If you know someone around Amsterdam, who works in this field and preferably has a medical background.. Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know of an English Speaking Childrens Speech Therapist near Zwolle?

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Can anyone recommend a dentist in the Haarlem area please?

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Any suggestions for a reasonably priced gym, preferably the east side of Amsterdam?

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I have developed a strange rash which the Doctor said would go in a few months he called it Christmas Tree Rash but it really is quite itchy and getting me down. He did not prescribe anything for it but does anyone know a cure or something to alleviate the itching - not sleeping very well because of it so am always tired.

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Hi , any-one any ideas where I may find one of the above? I suffer with my neck and don't really know what sort of shop I may find one .

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We are newly arrived in Amsterdam for 10 months . Husband is EU citizen and I am not and will piggy-back on his residency once he has Basic Health Insurance. All companies work online and because of our situation, (I too will need basic cover once husband receives residency but not before) we want to discuss our options. My question is: Is there an "expat friendly" company with an office in the Amsterdam area that makes appointments?

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Thinking of buying one anyone used one and what are your opinion of them?

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Can anyone recomend a good physiotherapist private, specialising in hand injuries and spine shoulder

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