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Has anyone tried this new diet that is from France called the Dukan Diet, I have a friend in the UK who is just about to do it but from what I have read it seems similar to the Atkins diet - opinions please before I waste yet more money.

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good place to get a pedicure done in Amsterdam? Preferably in the city center, and in a salon where they have English-speaking staff? Not too exclusive. Just somewhere clean, friendly and efficient. Any idea on prices would be good too. Thank you!

started by: Tia-835807 · last update: 1274388024 · posted: 1274269290

Recommendations please ......where to get fitted for hard, gas permeable lenses. I've worn them for years and have so far not found anywhere I've been very impressed with here. Thanks.

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Anyone give me an idea of what it would cost for a women aged 67 in good health with no previous health problems to pay in private health insurance. My Mother wants to come and live with us but does not want to rely on the EU health agreement. If so which comapny should she go with - her decision will be based on a bit of both price and best policy.

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Is reflexology any good for helping migraine? If so any recommendation in the Utrecht area.

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Is it possible to get Avon cosmetics over here as at the moment I am getting them from the UK but the postage is expensive.

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I am trying to pluck up the courage to have a small tatoo done and would like to hear from anyone who has had this done already. Is it very painful, how long does it take (can it be done in one go or do you have a bit done at a time), what are the risks of infection and aftercare. Sorry to be such a wimp but I passed out when I had my ears pierced years ago so you can see why I want to know.

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I have the being of a cold and as I have to take along plane trip its a pain, can anyone give me a good tip for easing the symptoms please

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I hear that Boots i Amsterdm have limited itms, anyone know what they are eelling? Andrews, or Beechams perhaps

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Anyone ever been to a reflexologist? Did it help? I am thinking of going for help with headaches.

started by: trucalling · last update: 1262601702 · posted: 1262364450

I am going to do it this time any tips please

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Anyone know where i can find a list of what pharmacies are open today?

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Has anyone seen anywhere that sells diabetic foods(I'd rather not order online)? I have my aunt coming to visit over the Christmas period and know that she enjoys having the diabetic cakes and biscuits as a treat.

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Can anyone recommend a good chiropodist preferably English speaking in Amsterdaam please.

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Does anyone know of a chropodist who does home visits please?

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Where is the best place to buy vitamins and supplements?

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I want to try making my own beauty products like as lip balm and toner for Christmas presents, does anyone know where I can buy ingredients such as rose water?

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I've always fancied going in one of those flotation takes and the mr. says he'll pay for a treat for my birthday- can anyone tell me where I can book?

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I keep seeing ads for these and my friends all rave about them. But do they actually make a difference or is it just a fad?

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drastic I know but would like to get some just once for a wedding. Is there a very reputable clinic here that does it?

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