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My neighbor who lives above us is doing major renovations to his apartment.  He has moved his bathroom from the middle of the house and relocated to the back of the house.  It is now above my small office area/hall closet area.  He is doing the work himself with the help of hired hands who are not licensed workers.  He has changed his mind about the "new" layout of his apartment numerous times as well as hiring/firing workers.  Because of the quality of work being done we have had water leaking down onto our ceiling. The water damage has caused the ceiling to fall down on 2 seperate occasions.  The last time there was so much water it also damaged the floor.  The water continued to leak down to the store on the ground floor. The shopkeeper isn't too concerned because it's in a back room.  My clothes closet was also damaged along with the clothes that were now dripping with dirty water.  He appologized and says he is willing to pay to repair the damage but I am getting very tired of this.  He is far from finished.  I am very concerned that there will be more flooding in my future.  I travel a lot for business and don't won't to come home again to find water & plaster everywhere.   Does anyone know if it is required by the city to have a permit to do this kind of work? I also have to wonder about the electrical work that was done.  He literally gutted his entire apartment.  I just don't know what I can do.  My VvE president (also an owner) says the matter is between me & my neighbor. I think he should be concerned about the work too.  Everyone who lives here should! Their are a total of 5 owners in our building so we are a small association. I am hoping anyone who had a similar situation could offer some suggestions. Thank you!  

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Can someone recommend a locksmith - Haarlem area please?

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best latex mattress.That’s why this latex mattress buying guide breaks down features, lists benefits, and helps you ask the right questions in your search for the best latex mattress for you.

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Where can you buy hammocks in Amsterdam? Anyone seen a shop or have a clue?

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Hi I need to get phone and wifi set up before moving into our new house in Amsterdam shortly.  I wondered what your views are about fixed lines vs phone over the internet

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This is on behalf of my cousin who is growing a rooftop garden. She just started it a month ago but she finds water leaks in her ceiling. Can you suggest me tips and tactics to maintain a rooftop garden? The construction dates back to 15 years. All inputs invited.

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Where can I get some large ones to throw on our wood floors in or around Amsterdam please?

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can anyone recommend a company that install the awnings that go above exterior patio doors ? Looking to install an electric one.

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Looking for 2 wooden rocking chairs, has anyone seen any as not come across any and have hunted high and low.

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Where is best to go for an 'off the shelf' bathroom suite that I can order online.

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Where is the best place to get these, I am looking for some large brightly coloured ones.

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Where is the best place to get this - live just north of Amsterdam

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Is there a minimum time on a lease. I would like to rent an apartment but only need it for 9 months due to  work contract only being that long?

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Is there a restriction on when you can light a bonfire here?  Have a load of leaves and garden rubbish that needs burning.

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We are in a flat with an old chimney place. Is there a way we can get a woodburner installed and if so can you recommend a company to do so?

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Hi everyone. I recently visited a home that had bean lap trays which were weighted with a big bean bag on the bottom. We thought it was a great idea when we were journeying home and wondered where I might be able to buy something like this for our home? Thanks

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Where can I buy some cork tiles? I want to put them on the wall (need 4 or 6 I estimate) to make a pin up notice board. Any advice welcome. Thanks

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Anyone know where I can get a large fake snowman for the garden?

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Where can I buy some really nice ones in Utrect ?

started by: Janice-835724 · last update: 1415128289 · posted: 1415028911

Can anyone tell me what they cost over here?  Decided that we will get a real one this year instead of our old faithful fake one which has seen better days.

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