Best phone and wifi package

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Hi I need to get phone and wifi set up before moving into our new house in Amsterdam shortly.  I wondered what your views are about fixed lines vs phone over the internet


Desperate Dan-835748 1443520231

We've had Vodafone for 2 years now, no problems.

Hans 1570794466

You can read this article about internet providers in Holland. It gives an overview of the available providers and infrastructure.

For arranging the subscription you can just call the provider or use their website (but most of them are in Dutch).

Hans 1570795365

Btw most people in The Netherlands don't have a subscription for a fixed line anymore. But sometimes the extra cost within your subscription (if you combine broadband internet, cable tv and fixed line phone) is not much, so you can have a fixed line for a low extra fee.

I guess the majority of people just use their mobile phone. 

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