Steam Cleaner Hire

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Where can I hire one from and how much does it cost for a weekend?


Mirren-835618 1366808158

I have a Karcher that I can lend you if that is any help - I found the cmmercial ones awkward and expensive to hire but that was when I was in the UK so not sure about here.  Just PM me as to where you are and a number to call you on and maybe I can help you out.

badkonak 1374521470

I have the same question! Wondering where I can find one! 

Janice-835724 1374573864

I never did find one to hire and Mirren kindly lent me hers, however I have bought one since as I was so impressed with hers.  Unfortunately I have now moved otherwise I would offer to lend you mine but am now in the north of the Netherlands.

badkonak 1374574526

Tnx for your reply.:)  I ordered one last night. I hope I'll be as happy with it as you are with yours. :)  

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