started by: Anreka · last update: 1415699953 · posted: 1415572801

Where can I buy some really nice ones in Utrect ?

started by: Janice-835724 · last update: 1415128289 · posted: 1415028911

Can anyone tell me what they cost over here?  Decided that we will get a real one this year instead of our old faithful fake one which has seen better days.

started by: Arven-835610 · last update: 1415028812 · posted: 1414782745

Looking dor a good estate agent in the Amstelveen for buying a property.

started by: Splodges · last update: 1412352506 · posted: 1411142522

Can anyone point me towards a shop that stocks safes / safety deposit boxes? Thaaaankks!!

started by: All Calced Up · last update: 1411561805 · posted: 1411561805

Does anyone know a retailer of these awesome little countertop cookers in Amsterdam or anywhere within an hour's drive?

started by: Planetoid · last update: 1410959093 · posted: 1409665475

Can anyone direct me towards a upholsterer? I need someone that can re-cover the seats of 6 dining chairs.

started by: Janice-835724 · last update: 1410214593 · posted: 1409642002

looking to have some very long curtains made professionally - I have the material already, can anyone recommend a seamstress or company that can do this please.

started by: Anreka · last update: 1409849038 · posted: 1409421061

Is it true that I will not be able to buy one after tomorrow from the UK?

started by: Janice-835724 · last update: 1409746223 · posted: 1409641828

Looking for a really lasrge sofa that is well made to buy with material supplied by me - anyone know of a company in Amsterdam area that does this.

started by: Bertha-835611 · last update: 1409423747 · posted: 1405078095

Looking for a shop that sells traditional quilts - not duvet or comforters.  I am sure I saw a posting on here awhile back for a place in Amsterdam but can't find the post now.  Anyone any ideas where it is please?

started by: Planetoid · last update: 1406906347 · posted: 1406282014

I keep killing all the plants that I 'grow' on my balcony. Can anyone give me advice as to what hardy plants (that add a splash of colour) will survive my neglect?

started by: ianb-648386 · last update: 1395920968 · posted: 1395413963

Hello Can anybody recommend some software (easy software) that helps with renovation and home designing .   Regrads Ian

started by: Flick-903742 · last update: 1379414573 · posted: 1379338168

I am looking for a good DIY book (preferably with illustrations) in English and need it by the weekend - anyone any ideas where I can get one.

started by: knut · last update: 1375659459 · posted: 1374758692

My life is being dominated by moving mole hills! As soon as i move them the blighters are back again, quite literally, move one , turn round and it's back again! Help!!!

started by: Janice-835724 · last update: 1374574526 · posted: 1366201114

Where can I hire one from and how much does it cost for a weekend?

started by: Bill B-836409 · last update: 1373360273 · posted: 1371066231

Does anyone know if Screwfix delivers to the Netherlands? Alternatively is there a similar company here?

started by: Echo-835615 · last update: 1373003861 · posted: 1372751401

Can anyone recommend a company that will come in and do a deep clean - preferably whilst we are away on holiday.

started by: chocchick-835613 · last update: 1372090190 · posted: 1371838501

Last year, when we moved into our present home, the wisteria at the front of the house had masses of flowers. This year only a few, and they are fading fast! Any ideas??

started by: Veros · last update: 1370270492 · posted: 1366380420

Can anyone recommend a property management company in the centra Amsterdam area to manage our duaghters apartment whilst she is working abroad for the next xouple of years.

started by: Janice-835724 · last update: 1366200819 · posted: 1366200819

Can anyone recommend a company that does storage units for household stuff in the Amsterdam area.  May need one for a few weeks between moving out of current flat to our new house. Thanks.

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