started by: Zwarte Piet · last update: 1362588711 · posted: 1362475403

Can someone recommend a locksmith - Haarlem area please?

started by: RHP-836681 · last update: 1362477329 · posted: 1360930031

Where can I buy some? The local DIY store doesn't seem to have it. (Near Utrecht)

started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1361891334 · posted: 1361617046

Any recommendations please for a source of good quality fruit trees? Amsterdam area.

started by: Fred Baer · last update: 1361891234 · posted: 1358849216

We have acquired a Dyson dc 04 Absolute vaccum cleaner second hand. Has been working okay but now requires the belt to be replaced. Have bought new belt(s) but cannot see how to replace the one already in place. Have googled this problem but without success.  Is there anyone out there who could help?

started by: Houx-836051 · last update: 1359752501 · posted: 1359669610

Buying a washing machine. is there a particular place you would recommend for quality and price?

started by: Zwarte Piet · last update: 1358879817 · posted: 1358804603

Can anyone help? I'm looking for 1000 second hand bricks, or a reclamation yard that might be able to help. Zwolle area.

started by: RHP-836681 · last update: 1358805932 · posted: 1358805932

Hi Can anyone recommend a tree man to prune a large tree for me.

started by: Zippo-835669 · last update: 1358513836 · posted: 1358336006

Are there any around Amsterdam area?  

started by: Skippy-835756 · last update: 1356729791 · posted: 1356729791

Does anyone know how much it would cost to have a set top box which would allow me to have access to TV from around the world?

started by: BJ-835612 · last update: 1354259400 · posted: 1354259400

Can anyone recommend a satelite repair person - not sure what the problem is but need it fixed today - want to watch the rugby tomorrow - help!

started by: Bertha-835611 · last update: 1352755202 · posted: 1352705980

We would like a Christmas Tree that we can replant back to the forest is there such a scheme over here.?

started by: knut · last update: 1351801353 · posted: 1344421349

Can someone please recommend a French polisher in Amsterdam. I have a couple of antique items which require some restoration work.

started by: Celyn · last update: 1351584878 · posted: 1351284801

We have a grape vine in our garden that has been allowed to grow all over the place over the last couple of years (by the previous occupant). We would like to prune it back but not sure when is the best time - presumably in the winter. Any thoughts?

started by: fiddlydiddly-836694 · last update: 1351537300 · posted: 1351275846

We would like to buy a property near the sea (North of Ansterdam), somewhere that is quiet for holidays, we have not really explored the area so wondered if anyone had some recommendations.

started by: Chandler-835614 · last update: 1351510562 · posted: 1351510562

Anyone tried it yet and if so what do you think off it?

started by: gaia-835697 · last update: 1351082134 · posted: 1349117981

Can someone please suggest where I can buy some non-standard width venetian blinds? I've tried the usual shops but none of them sell any wide enough.

started by: Rita-835681 · last update: 1347872306 · posted: 1347872002

Anyone know where I can get heavy cotton velvet material by the metre - need to recover a chair.

started by: Henry-835792 · last update: 1346234793 · posted: 1345401348

Any tips for removing all the marks left on the house wall now that I've removed the ivy?

started by: Vee-835924 · last update: 1346232975 · posted: 1345797519

Need a couple of Number shaped cake tins, anyone know where I can get them in the Amsterdam area?

started by: Peter_Woods · last update: 1340538992 · posted: 1340538992

I am looking for a person to move my radiator and change some light switches also to do other jobs, must be qualified

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