started by: Henry-835792 · last update: 1346234793 · posted: 1345401348

Any tips for removing all the marks left on the house wall now that I've removed the ivy?

started by: Vee-835924 · last update: 1346232975 · posted: 1345797519

Need a couple of Number shaped cake tins, anyone know where I can get them in the Amsterdam area?

started by: Peter_Woods · last update: 1340538992 · posted: 1340538992

I am looking for a person to move my radiator and change some light switches also to do other jobs, must be qualified

started by: Celyn · last update: 1336472969 · posted: 1336165648

I had a phone call today from a company I'd never heard of to say they were a computer support company and I had a virus on my computer that they could fix. I have AVG on my computer and that hasn't found anything.Anyway I put them off, it sounds like a scam to me - how would they know that I had a virus?Has anyone else any experience of this sort of phone call?

started by: Houx-836051 · last update: 1329161839 · posted: 1328541510

Can anybody recommend a good tiler - our bathroom needs retiling? Utrecht area.

started by: Desperate Dan-835748 · last update: 1323034394 · posted: 1322859458

Have just moved into an apartment which has a slight lingering (not overpowering) smell of dog. I am assuming the smell lies in the 2 armchairs and large bed settee. Cannot remove the covers to wash so has anyone got any good tips on how to get rid of the smell or know where I can hire (or borrow) an upholstery cleaner?

started by: Tanner-835703 · last update: 1319923980 · posted: 1319923980

Moving into new apartment and wonder which service to sign up with? Looking for internet and calls only

started by: Joanna-835696 · last update: 1319471784 · posted: 1318498551

Are there any subsidies/grants available for installing solar panels (or other similar projects?)

started by: Ethan-835616 · last update: 1319464511 · posted: 1319464511

Hi, I'm looking for a bathroom fitter to replace a small (3m x 2m) bathroom with a modern one. I am near Lelystad. Any recommendations gratefully received. thanks

started by: son of Swampy-835862 · last update: 1313937148 · posted: 1313937148

Has anyone any experience of installing a heat pump? Also, what do the savings on fuel bills look like?

started by: Polly-835710 · last update: 1313936885 · posted: 1313693133

Can I install a UK bought Dishwasher over here and should I do anything special when connecting it to the plumbing system which is already there from an old one that was in the property when we moved in.

started by: bizz · last update: 1301918409 · posted: 1301918409

We would like to buy one in a pot, to put out on the patio in the summer and bring into the conservatory in the winter. Any suggestions as to where we can buy a good quality tree, please?

started by: Tia-835807 · last update: 1299597638 · posted: 1299404371

My laptop is dying and I want to transfer my email folders and all my documents from one laptop to another. Do I need a cable? Do I use a usb key? What is the easiest way of moving it all from one to another? Thanks for any help.

started by: son of Swampy-835862 · last update: 1299343969 · posted: 1298994262

We are thinking of installing solar panels. Are there any government grants available for this?

started by: Polly-835710 · last update: 1294849939 · posted: 1269867331

Is there such a thing over here? I bought a small electrical item from a shop, used it twice and it stopped working, the shop I bought it from said that they would send it back to the manufacturer but it has been two months now and I want a replacemnt or my money back which they won't give me. Does anyone know what the rules are here or if there is such a thing as a Trading Standards dept?

started by: TallyHo-836157 · last update: 1289988837 · posted: 1288984746

Our usual man has retired so am looking for a new supplier of wood for our log burner does anyone know of a supplier in the Leeuwarden area.

started by: Henry-835792 · last update: 1286633815 · posted: 1286032996

Is there any organisation in Amsterdam like Emmaus in France and UK that collects old furniture and renovates it for sale?

started by: Echo-835615 · last update: 1283762041 · posted: 1283379474

I am sure that I read somewhere that the EU is going to ban patio heaters due to the damage to the climate, anyone tell me if it is true and when it comes into effect or did I just dream this.

started by: Helloitsme · last update: 1281697616 · posted: 1281556270

I'm looking for recommendations for someone to re-lay a new driveway and a few other jobs around the garden. Groningen area.

started by: Joanna-835696 · last update: 1281466603 · posted: 1281381155

We have one in a crevice near where we sit in our courtyard. Any ideas how to get rid of it? Is there someone we can call in?

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