started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1262626971 · posted: 1262626971

Where can I hire a skip from - need to get rid of some earth and old paving.

started by: h2o-834511 · last update: 1261681245 · posted: 1261559879

Mould keeps appearing on my bedroom ceiling. i cleaned it with bleach and repainted it and its as bad as ever again now. Anyone know what products I could buy to get rid of it?

started by: suzythecat · last update: 1261559761 · posted: 1261046372

I have locked my keys in the house and need to get in. Anyone able to give me the number of an emergency locksmith?

started by: Arven-835610 · last update: 1260892389 · posted: 1259427155

Anyone know where I can get blinds for windows that let you see out but reflect the sun. I have seen them in offices but can't find out who makes them, they seem to be made of metal but I could be wrong.

started by: classicrock · last update: 1260607509 · posted: 1260436204

Just wondering if anyone has a DAB radio and whether they think its worth the money to get one?

started by: clogdancer · last update: 1260176815 · posted: 1259571186

Just like the title really- want to make some natural decorations!

started by: Anreka · last update: 1259866940 · posted: 1259762066

I'm looking for some stylish lighting for our lounge and kitchen. Where would be a good place to look?

started by: hackett-834508 · last update: 1258714418 · posted: 1258542059

Any ideas where I can hire a chocolate fountain from?

started by: oldtricks · last update: 1258617230 · posted: 1258617230

Anyone know of a jewellers that can repair silver jewellery?

started by: lina-835539 · last update: 1256120749 · posted: 1256063887

I need a dish and someone to install sky at my house. Does anyone know who can help. Thanks Evelinestam@msn.com

started by: classicrock · last update: 1255193271 · posted: 1255080362

I have a CD/Tape player that is only just over a year old but it has started chewing up my much loved old tapes any ideas whats wrong please

started by: florry-834510 · last update: 1254419877 · posted: 1254390556

I have loads of tins with old remains of paint which I wish to dispose of properly. Where abouts do I need to take them or is there a service which will collect them?

started by: h2o-834511 · last update: 1253694341 · posted: 1253545170

I am having a job getting rid of animal fleas that have been left behind, have tried spraying but still keep getting bitten , any tips?

started by: amandaj-835445 · last update: 1251795283 · posted: 1250673834

hi everyone, im thinking of buying a boat on the canals, has anyone got any good advice or indeed one for sale or know of one for sale. i need a boat so that when i have friends or my family here they dont have to stay with me. this would be a cash purchase for the right boat. thank you in advance.

started by: hogi · last update: 1249635570 · posted: 1249467286

I've got a jam stain on a favourite top- any tips for removal?

started by: Johnm-834514 · last update: 1249288716 · posted: 1249288716

Has anyone heard of any company that does a part exchange property service, please?

started by: shelleyantscherl-835423 · last update: 1249220097 · posted: 1249220097

I'm decorating and I can't find eggshell paint for wood (doors/ frames etc.). Does this exist in Holland and what is it called in Dutch? Thanks in advance!

started by: Lozkilby · last update: 1248177334 · posted: 1248127390

Hey, Does anyone know where to buy dye from that I can use to dye clothes? I have a few items that need dyeing black. Thanks!

started by: daffy-834635 · last update: 1248168948 · posted: 1248168948

would love to be able to do this but where to learn thats the questions

started by: arriva · last update: 1248168822 · posted: 1247299925

Well not so much save in the true sense but how to spend less if possible. I wondered what other households are doing to cut spending

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