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Can anybody help me find out where I can buy one of those beds that fold away into the wall,please?

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before the parents see what I managed to do while they were away. Its a double glazed window on the second floor.

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Looking for a Bonsai tree for a gift any ideas where i might get one please?

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Any ideas where to buy a rainwater collecting barrel?

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I bought a nice old oil painting from the market and want to get it clean but am wary of attempting it at home. Any tips or can someone recommend a place that does this?

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Anyone know who does Mac repairs please?

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just about to move with partner and we would like a few tips on where to live, whats it like where you are?

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is there such a thing, actually produced here?

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I need a kitchen fitter, got all the flat packs but need it putting together and fitting. any ideas

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Anyone know of a supplier of logs for my woodburner, please?

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We are looking for easy access to transport, quite area with local swimming pool. Nice restaurants and some where to walk the dogs. What would you suggest

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What is the average price of a house in Amsterdam - anyone know? Are prices likely to fall in the current economic climate or are they relatively stable?

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the British General Store? I need to pick something up for a friend. Keep smiling

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Any advice on where to buy my Christmas turkey? There is usually a huge difference in quality.

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