Ryan Air

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My Mother and Father were in Barcelona when they got caught up in the flight problems, they had no option but to put up in a hotel as there was no information given and could not get through to Ryan Air - on Sunday they had had enough and decided to try and get to Calais so they hired a car country by country to avoid the cross border charges but even so they paid a fortune and eventually when we heard that the channel ports were so full went and picked them up from Dunkirque. Both my parents looked awful after such an ordeal but were fine once we got them home with us. We have just been told that Ryan Air will only pay for expenses up to the cost of the flight so now have to see if their insurance will cover the rest, but I thought that if it was an EU carrier they were obliged to pay all reasonable expenses - anyone know if this is the case and if so how can Ryan Air get away with this?


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