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Hi!, I am living in Amsterdam and If somebody needs help with a reliable person to take care of their pet, I am here! I have experience, taking care  different kind of pets for more than 20 years.I am available to walking and dog sitting service.Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help with your lovely friend!  My email is ramimuno@hotmail.com

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Hi, im looking to buy muzzles and a ''elizabethan collar'' (for post-surgery) for dogs, my local petshop isn't so well stocked with such items, so maybe someone knows a reliable and large petshop

started by: Massie-835617 · last update: 1441053152 · posted: 1440605020

Our dog snores loudly and I do mean loudly to the point where we have to turn the TV up to full volume.  Does anyone out there know of a cure for this please?

started by: Anreka · last update: 1435775830 · posted: 1435397106

With the temperature set to soar this week, has anyone got any tips on how to keep my dog cool?  Being hairy she sufferes badly with the heat.

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Which flea treatment do you use here?  Also wondering about canine leichmaniasis. This has been common in the Med area for some time, but I've heard its spreading northwards.

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Does anyone know where I can get a 'Cooling Coat' for dogs from - need an XXL size which is proving difficult.

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Is there a cat rescue centre in Amsterdam please?

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We've adopted a little female cat. She needs neutering, chipping and all those things so can anyone give me the name of a vet that could do it please.

started by: Zippo-835669 · last update: 1424589076 · posted: 1423678990

I know - not a great subject but can someone tell me how to get rid of them off the cat as she is allergic to the spot on medications and collars.

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Any ideas where I can get one from in time for Xmas?

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Visiting from Spain and my daughter is terrified of dogs. Is there many stray dogs roaming around the city like there tends to be over here?

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We appear to have something running around in our roof space but not sure what, I did catch sight of something that looked similar to a large squirrel but more like a chinchilla shape - the wife is fed up with the noise and wants me to put traps down but what sort of traps/poison do I use.  

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I have to go to the UK next week and need to put our 2 cats into a cattery. Can anyone recommend one in the Utrecht area please?

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My dog has 'sore paws' and I have heard of a wax that you can put on their paws but can't seem to find it over here, does anyone know where I am likely to find it.  My vet does not do it either.

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I am offering a dog walking and dog sitting service in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. If you a busy professional or travel a lot do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with your furry friend! For more infomation and references please feel free to e-mail me on penkovska@gmail.com

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Good evening all, I wondered could anyone recommend a pet/animal photographer to take some beautiful shots of my animals. Thanks  

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Is this charity still going - used to be a couple of boats that housed cats for adoption on the canal but can't remember where exactly.

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Are there any farms that have Alpacas that you can pet.  The kids saw some on tv and are driving me mad asking for me to take them to see some.  Well first request was can we have one, so this is the next best thing.

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Does anyone do dog transport from Amsterdam to London. My bulldog needs a lift.....he has a dog passport which is fully up to date. 

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Are dogs allowed on beaches? If only some beaches where can I find out which ones please?

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