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Can someone recommend a place I can get my tennis racket restrung in Amsterdam please.

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Does anyone happen to know of a Guitar teacher in the Utrecht area please?

started by: Massie-835617 · last update: 1436248497 · posted: 1436197193

Just wanted to say how brilliant it is that the Tour de France has come to our neck of the woods (Ultrect) and the fantastic support that the riders have had from the Dutch.

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I know it's a little way off - but does anyone know if the RWC matches will be broadcast on any of the Dutch channels?

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Abyone know when the Ansterdam Rugby 7's is on and where to get tickets?

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Anyone use one of these? Does it motivate you?

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Is there a guided tour around the waterways? Preferably on a one to one basis rather than as part of a group.

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Is there anywhere in Amsterdam where you can go in one of those sensory deprivation / isolation tanks where you just float around?

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Hi all, What's the price for De Mirandabad if I just want to use the pool? I can't work it out from the website.

started by: Planetoid · last update: 1425982074 · posted: 1424973364

Are there SCUBA centres in Holland (not far from Amsterdam) where I can train and get accreditation please?

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What are some of the lesser-known sights to see in Amsterdam? We have some friends visiting again and we've done the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank's house before. Looking forward to your suggestions.

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Anyone know if the brewery attached to it is open yet for tours?

started by: Tanner-835703 · last update: 1421311807 · posted: 1421306377

Has anyone stayed at this hotel, would like to take the wife there for our anniversary but before I book would like a few opinions of it please.

started by: Oggmonster · last update: 1421224964 · posted: 1420799687

Is there an English-speaking table tennis club in the Amsterdam area?

started by: Almac912 · last update: 1416839373 · posted: 1395062243

Hi there. I am going to be moving to the Amsterdam area in around 2 months and wondered if there were any Clay Pigeon Shooting Clubs in the area. I am also curious to understand the gun laws?  IE even though I have a shotgun licence in the UK I assume I need to apply for the appropriate licence in Holland?  Is there someone that could help me with this? Thanks

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What is a Dutch bike - is it like the ones you see around Amterdam for hire?  Friend has asked me what they are and I don't have a clue.

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I'm told that I should go to O'Reilly's to watch the rugby internationals tomorrow. My question is - will they show both the England v NZ game and the Wales v Oz game on separate screens? They are both on at the same time !!!

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We are moving to Amsterdam next year but just for 2 years and would like to rent a houseboat for that period, can anyone tell me if there is an estate agent that specialises in long term house boat rentals?  

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