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Hi there. I am going to be moving to the Amsterdam area in around 2 months and wondered if there were any Clay Pigeon Shooting Clubs in the area. I am also curious to understand the gun laws?  IE even though I have a shotgun licence in the UK I assume I need to apply for the appropriate licence in Holland?  Is there someone that could help me with this? Thanks


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Hi - so I have managed to answer my original question.  What I would like to know is if anyone is aware of and Clay Pigeon Shooting Clubs near to Amsterdam?

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Could you tell me what you found out about the licensing procedure?

I am currently planning on moving to the Eindhoven area from Cyprus.

I have my Cyprus license and my EU Firearms Passport but I have struggled to find anything on the licensing requirement/process for the Netherlands.


Les Kerr

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Here's a list of the KNSA sports shooting clubs in the country:


There's a shooting range here:


Or if you fancy a rather long drive, how about this place?

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To be honest I don't remember - what I do know is that it is complicated and I ended leaving my guns in the UK.

@Splodges, thanks for that list - very helpful indeed.


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