Rugby World Cup

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I know it's a little way off - but does anyone know if the RWC matches will be broadcast on any of the Dutch channels?


Anreka 1429796417

I hope they do and suspect that they will show some of the matches, if not we will end up down the pub to watch it as they will have it on.

Anreka 1429796769

Just saw this advert on AngloInfo and am going to contact them for English TV maybe worth yu doing so as that way you will be able to watch all the games.

Vee-835924 1429963513

I seem to remember that the last RWC was mainly on ITV and BBC so should be able to get them with UK Freeview.

Trev1-966477 1430142784

That is if Sky haven't bought the rights like they usually do...

All Calced Up 1430232065

I think that ITV have the rights this time around.

Have you got an android device? If so download and install this app. It's pretty darn good.

Trev1-966477 1430315812

The fact it's on ITV is very good. The fact you can watch it (and lots of other SKY sports channels) for free on that free app you linked to, is even better!

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