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Could someone recommend a stables that will take an 'older pupil' in the Ultrect area please.

started by: Oggmonster · last update: 1412768379 · posted: 1412600638

Is there a social badminton club in Amsterdam where you can turn up and play?

started by: Splodges · last update: 1412083000 · posted: 1412083000

Where is there a good place near Amsterdam for kayaking / canoeing? I'm not talking about white water or anything like that, just gentle leisure canoeing up a river or in a lake.

started by: Arven-835610 · last update: 1411761505 · posted: 1411378311

Anyone else doing this next Sunday?

started by: Anreka · last update: 1408090728 · posted: 1407921818

When is the Vondelpark ‘Run with your Kids’ day - anyone know?

started by: Planetoid · last update: 1407334936 · posted: 1406906515

Has anyone hired a boat and done a boating vacation on th waterways of Amsterdam? Was is costly and was it hard to 'drive'?

started by: Daniel H-835397 · last update: 1406928196 · posted: 1404309832

Are there any city run bike operators in Amsterdam or do you hire privately? Thanks for the help.

started by: Mirren-835618 · last update: 1406816463 · posted: 1406131950

Is there anywhere that I can get a complete list of all the matches being played this season in the Eindivision, it is for a Unversity project?

started by: Splodges · last update: 1404685572 · posted: 1404401840

Where would be a good place to watch the Holland quarter final match. I secretly want Costa Rica to win however, so would like somewhere not rammed with Orange. Any ideas?

started by: Chandler-835614 · last update: 1404203509 · posted: 1404203509

Friends are over from the UK this weekend and fancy watching the match in a bar, anyone recommend a good one that is showing it in the centre that also does food.

started by: Henry-835792 · last update: 1376043952 · posted: 1375994581

My son's here on vacation and has asked where's the best place for surfing here. I haven't a clue!  Help!!!

started by: Bertha-835611 · last update: 1375780156 · posted: 1375088838

As I have shed loads of odd bits of material thought that I would try my hand at quilt making and wondered if there were any classes in the Utrect/Amsterdam area in English or a club that I could join.  If not anyone recommend a good book that I can get on the subject.

started by: Viper-836042 · last update: 1374496541 · posted: 1373827417

Just watching the Red Bull Soapbox race in London and wondered if their was anything like this in Amsterdam?

started by: Skippy-835756 · last update: 1373281220 · posted: 1373102015

Anyone heading for O 'Reilly's today to watch the game? Go Oz!!!

started by: knut · last update: 1366317738 · posted: 1366317738

We would like to have a go at sailing, now that summer's on its way !? Any suggestions where we could have some lessons/give it a try?

started by: Skippy-835756 · last update: 1366057452 · posted: 1366057452

Can anyone help? Round 4 of the Women's World Sevens Rugby Championship is happening in Amsterdam next month. The website says its at the NRCA Stadium, but I can't find out where that is (not shown on Google Maps) Help!

started by: George & Mildred-836032 · last update: 1365596674 · posted: 1365596674

Are there any within a 15 mile radius of Amsterdam?  Dutch or English.

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If you are an amateur pianist and would like a chance to play in a friendly, supportive setting where you get to meet other amateur pianists, this is a perfect group for you.  Check out, http://www.meetup.com/hollandpianotoup We will soon host amateur pianists gathering and more...

started by: BJ-835612 · last update: 1364379629 · posted: 1364285521

Where can I get these without joining a golf club, I would like to give golf a try but until I know that I really do like it don't want to commit to paying a lot of money for membership.

started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1363944717 · posted: 1361617544

I'm heading for O' Reilly's this afternoon, if anyone else is planning to go, let me know!

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