started by: Houx-836051 · last update: 1360854205 · posted: 1360055032

Is there anywhere in Amsterdam that runs Argentine Tango classes?

started by: Melanie-836772 · last update: 1360006512 · posted: 1358966405

Hi Wondering if anyone knows anywhere to learn how to ski, I used to ski when i was a child and I would like my 11 year old to learn and me re-cap. I would be able to travel within reason. Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks

started by: Vee-835924 · last update: 1359555833 · posted: 1358792217

We are 49ers fans and would love to see the Super Bowl live on Feb. 3. Can anyone suggest a place to do that?

started by: Ann Delbar · last update: 1359132755 · posted: 1358965918

Hi! We just moved to Apeldoorn and are looking for karate or other martial art for our boys. Anyone know? Thanks

started by: Bill B-836409 · last update: 1356648572 · posted: 1356648572

Can anyone advise me please about rules and regulations about importing a shotgun?

started by: Charles-835643 · last update: 1354006615 · posted: 1354006615

Pay and play Golf Clubs around Amsterdam, where can I find out if there are any please.

started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1351197569 · posted: 1351197569

I'd like to go on the British Lions rugby tour to Australia next year. Does anyone know if there are any sports travel firms in Holland who might be able to help?

started by: melanie-379178 · last update: 1351082417 · posted: 1348844637

Any recommendations please?

started by: TBJ-836680 · last update: 1338821776 · posted: 1338625584

Any recommendations for a good sports bar to watch the football?

started by: Britney Ferris · last update: 1328540330 · posted: 1327696035

Does anyone know of any spinning or weaving clubs/classes. I am a beginner in both but have my own spinning wheel and table top loom. Am prepared to travel outside Amsterdam

started by: Skippy-835756 · last update: 1322858951 · posted: 1322751761

Anyone know if its being shown in any of the bars on Saturday? Also the Help for Heroes rugby match on later Saturday.

started by: Chandler-835614 · last update: 1321182988 · posted: 1319457250

Are there any clay shooting venues around Amsterdam?

started by: Skippy-835756 · last update: 1318315789 · posted: 1318261401

Know of any bars that are showing them live this weekend (9am Saturday and Sunday)? Mulligans, as far as I know, is replaying them in the afternoon, but since they're at a reasonably civilised time here I thought I could combine them with breakfast and a beer!

started by: Rita-835681 · last update: 1316626962 · posted: 1316201998

Has anyone else got a husband who is insisting on getting up in the middle of the night to watch the Rugby? I can never get back to sleep when he does so just end up joining him to watch it but just so tired for the rest of the day.

started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1312560336 · posted: 1312491299

Does anyone know of any Amsterdam bars that are showing the Wales v England match on Saturday? I have an (English) pal staying over.

started by: Skippy-835756 · last update: 1306006115 · posted: 1305806711

Can anyone suggest a sports specialist travel agent in Amsterdam? I'm thinking of booking a trip to NZ for the World Cup and am looking for a package - flights/hotels/tickets. Thanks

started by: Henry-835792 · last update: 1304514925 · posted: 1304411566

Are there any clay pigeon shooting clubs around The Hague?

started by: bizz · last update: 1298815413 · posted: 1298720724

It's short notice - but where can I go to watch the Ireland/Scotland rugby tomorrow?

started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1296761187 · posted: 1296494525

Does anyone know of any bars that are showing the Wales v England match on Friday? I have an (English) pal staying over. We 'll probably watch the other Six Nation games at home but would like to go out for a few beers on Friday evening.

started by: Tia-835807 · last update: 1291317214 · posted: 1290186223

Anyone know of a company that does this here please?

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