started by: Tia-835807 · last update: 1291317214 · posted: 1290186223

Anyone know of a company that does this here please?

started by: Desperate Dan-835748 · last update: 1285271762 · posted: 1284499604

I saw a Scrabble set in a shop today - but it's a Dutch set. Can anyone tell me if it's different?

started by: Deadly Ernest · last update: 1285102944 · posted: 1284640777

My nephew will be arriving next week and staying for a couple of months. He'd like to play some rugby while he's here. Does anyone know of any rugby clubs around Amsterdam where he might get a few games?

started by: Celyn · last update: 1282070179 · posted: 1281469314

Does anyone know where I can take basic photography classes? I would like to learn how to use my camera better, understand lighting and camera speed, how to take good pictures at night. I am not interested in week long courses for lots of money (these are the ads I've seen so far). Just a simple photo class to learn how to take better pictures.

started by: BJ-835612 · last update: 1281773682 · posted: 1281697525

Where do I get tickets for the matches? Can they be purchased online or can you get them on the day?

started by: Joanna-835696 · last update: 1280516525 · posted: 1280087321

Looking to buy a tennis racquet but the last time I did they were made of wood - what should I be looking for these days?

started by: Silas Dance · last update: 1278967796 · posted: 1278967796

Do I need to keep my head down and mouth shut when I go in the bar tomorrow night, after Bert van Marwijk's comments about the English referee?

started by: Henry-835792 · last update: 1278841514 · posted: 1278754123

Any suggestions as to where would be a good place to watch tomorrow? - on a big screen of course - in Amsterdam!

started by: gaia-835697 · last update: 1277237531 · posted: 1277150118

Can anybody recommend a store with a good range of outdoor equipment and clothing - boots, jackets, camping, hiking and climbing gear, etc? We could order off the internet but I quite like to look at it first - especially if one's life may depend on it!!

started by: Vee-835924 · last update: 1277149564 · posted: 1276952094

Any suggestions for a good beach where we can take the kids for a day next weekend - within reasonable distance of Amsterdam by car?

started by: UB40-835763 · last update: 1275253209 · posted: 1275240916

Can anyone suggest a good bar/cafe to watch the World Cup soccer? Preferably a good sized place with some elbow room and a minimal risk of punch-ups!

started by: Callie-835667 · last update: 1268682865 · posted: 1268391454

Does anyone know of a tour company over here that organises package trips to the F1 Races - thought it might be a nice present for the OH who is mad about F1. Looking for one of the races in Europe (not the UK) to go to.

started by: Desperate Dan-835748 · last update: 1267701154 · posted: 1267536434

Has anyone got details of classic car clubs in or around Amsterdam? I've seen a few cars with badges on but I've not been able to get details.

started by: jock-835632 · last update: 1266344988 · posted: 1266162624

Still recovering from yesterday's rugby match! I need a few drams to get the ticker going again - are there any "Scottish" bars here - with a good range of single malts (and preferably with NO Welshmen, daffodils or leeks in sight!)

started by: Gina-835674 · last update: 1265741082 · posted: 1265549056

Is there one near Amsterdam where I can do a RYA course in English?

started by: Chandler-835614 · last update: 1265547469 · posted: 1265376486

Where in Amsterdam is showing the 6 Nations matches on TV - Bar that is!

started by: Echo-835615 · last update: 1264686399 · posted: 1264686399

Am looking for somewhere in the country that does Horse Riding Holidays - not looking for anything to taxing as some of the group (me included) who have never ridden before. If anyone has done this can you let me know where and what it was like.

started by: Zippo-835669 · last update: 1263827171 · posted: 1262972018

Someone I saw today said that you can walk on the sea here in Holland when it freezes over - are they pulling my leg?

started by: Bertha-835611 · last update: 1261736380 · posted: 1261163846

One of my New Years resolutions is to take up some sort of handicraft, maybe basketry, jewelery making or even restoring old furniture. Are there any evening classes, hopefully in English?

started by: Chandler-835614 · last update: 1261500495 · posted: 1261500495

I enjoy having a go at the Guardian prize crossword that they publish on Xmas Eve. Is there an international newsagent that I might be able to pick up a copy of the UK issue on Thursday?

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