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Now that the weather's turned cold everyone seems to be buying skates or getting them out of their cupboards. It sounds good fun but how do you know the ice on the lakes and rivers is thick enough? It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen if too many people are on one piece of thin ice!

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Do the Ice Skating Rinks here hire skates or do you have to have your own? If so where is the best place to get them. Also is it true that you can skate on the rivers here in winter?

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Are there any organised tours around the wetlands north of Amsterdam? My kids are well into wildlife!

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I've never played golfd and have some family visiting who would like to play. Can anyone give me info on where golf courses are? Also does anywhere do lessons for golfing beginners.

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I need my tennis racket repairing- can anyone tell me where offers this service?

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HiI am a complete beginner. I am looking for a swimming coach. pls.

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to pay or not to pay? - that is the question. If you decide to take a boat trip this summer - fill up your pockets with small change. The water authority have hundreds of toll booths all along the quietest little routes. Some of these are just gates or landing stages, a bloke or a woman with a clog on a piece of string dangles it over the waters edge., for your part you have to drop in €2.20 a time, and some of these areas are literally metres apart.

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I'm looking for a book group, or people who would be interested in reading an discussing books with me. Does one exist or would anyone be interested in starting one?

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I love swimming outdoors when its hot enough- anyone able to recommend leisure centres or gyms with outside pools- preferably large enough to swim lengths in?

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I used to be a member of a drama group in the UK, is there one around here i could join.

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We want to hire a motorcaravan, Does anyone know of a company which hire out them out?

started by: trucalling · last update: 1239009510 · posted: 1238577076

Its boring always working out alone since it takes at least an hour or more each time. If anyone is interested in being a workout partner or just wants to get in shape,let me know

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Can anyone help me, I am looking for yoga classes near Enkhuizen, Hoorn North Holland.

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Can anyone tell me how to apply for a Dutch golf handicap please?

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Can anyone tell me is the Spa at the Grand Amsterdam Hotel, guests only or can the public pay to use it.

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I have problems with anxiety and would like to learn some relaxation techniques. Where would be a good place to start? Keep smiling

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I am looking for an art supplies shop to buy some canvas, oils and brushes, where please?

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Anyone know a good jogging park or route near Diemen?

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Has anyone got the contact details for the Amsterdam Hash House Harriers please?

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Is there a dancing school that teaches salsa in Hoorn? I live about 8 miles from Hoorn in Wervershoof. Thanks! Shelley

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