We Are Tomorrow

12th October 2019 12:04pm - 11:04pm

Event Details

We Are Tomorrow is the climate festival for and by young people, culminating in the launch of the Young Climate Agenda 2.0.


We Are Tomorrow is a festival about the future, our future! Imagine for a moment:

  • A future in which you live smaller but have more space #hoedan
  • A future in which you learn not only about the past but especially about the future
  • A future with parties and a cinema on the train
  • A future without plastic around every cucumber
  • A future where you share your outfits instead of buying

At We Are Tomorrow you can learn, gain experience and exchange ideas about sustainable living, which is sometimes quite difficult. Vegan hair salon eating, dancing and drinking organic beers. Score sustainable cosmetics, trade clothing and fix a solar panel. Do it yourself, listen to inspiring speakers and follow out-of-the-box workshops. We Are Tomorrow is a place where we are not going to piss collectively, but are going to do collectively. And where we let government leaders, politicians and mayors know what we all think about it. Together we show how it is possible!


We Are Tomorrow is meant for you if you:

  • Are vegan or eat meat every day
  • You suffer from flying shame or you fly to South America tomorrow
  • Left or right or not at all
  • Go to work by car or bicycle
  • Living in Limburg, Groningen or Amsterdam
  • Fat hard studying or fat hard working
  • Piepjong or already quite old
  • Sustainable life likes nonsense or very much

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Event Location

Western gas 33
Pazzani Street
1014 DB

12th October 2019 12:04pm - 11:04pm