Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

Kortrijk Flying Club
Flying club - planes, helicopters and ultralight aircraft. At Luchthavenstraat 1, B-8560 Wevelgem.
Dream Ballooning
Acknowledged company by the federal government organizing hot balloon flights. At Lagen Heirweg 28, B-9270 Laarne.
European Balloon Corporation
Hot air balloon and helicopter flights. Open all year round from four launch sites across Belgian Brabant. Info at 20 chaussee de la Grande Espinette, B-1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse.
Aeroclub Keiheuvel
Gliding club classes and exams The club has more than 10 aircraft. At 17e Esc Lichtvliegwezenlaan 8, B-2490 Balen.
CNVV - Centre National de Vol à Voile
Belgian Gliding Centre. All aspects of flying: hang-gliding, paragliding and a flight simulator. Full day courses with English speaking instructors. At Aerodrome, B-6870 Saint-Hubert (Wallonia).
Royal Antwerp Aviation Club
Antwerp flying club. A one-stop shop for a wide range of air sports and associated training.
Leuvense Universitaire Aero-Club
Gliding club of the city of Leuven. The club is based on the airfield of Genk-Zwartberg (EBZW), approximately 70 km east of Leuven. Sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language is requested for security reasons.