Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

Kortrijk Flying Club
Flying club - planes, helicopters and ultralight aircraft. At Luchthavenstraat 1, B-8560 Wevelgem.
Leuvense Universitaire Aero-Club
Gliding club of the city of Leuven. The club is based on the airfield of Genk-Zwartberg (EBZW), approximately 70 km east of Leuven. Sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language is requested for security reasons.
European Balloon Corporation
Hot air balloon and helicopter flights. Open all year round from four launch sites across Belgian Brabant. Info at 20 chaussee de la Grande Espinette, B-1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse.
Royal Antwerp Aviation Club
Antwerp flying club. A one-stop shop for a wide range of air sports and associated training.
CNVV - Centre National de Vol à Voile
Belgian Gliding Centre. All aspects of flying: hang-gliding, paragliding and a flight simulator. Full day courses with English speaking instructors. At Aerodrome, B-6870 Saint-Hubert (Wallonia).
Aeroclub Keiheuvel
Gliding club classes and exams The club has more than 10 aircraft. At 17e Esc Lichtvliegwezenlaan 8, B-2490 Balen.
Dream Ballooning
Acknowledged company by the federal government organizing hot balloon flights. At Lagen Heirweg 28, B-9270 Laarne.