Financial Consultants & Advisors

Network of financial advisors, experienced accountants and tax consultants. Around 30 branches in Belgium including Lintsesteenweg 27/1, B-2500 Lier.
International financial advisors providing tailor-made financial and retirement planning solutions on investment and tax related issues. A division of the Fry Group. At Avenue de Tervuren 168, 1150 Brussels.
Fund Advisers Europe
Boutique wealth management firm offers independent investment advice, with portfolio & asset management, monthly savings plans for International clients. Discretionary management clients enjoy our ability to accurately assess trends and growth areas.
Transactional finance advisors whose aim is to deliver only actionable advice and implementable solutions. At Mechelsesteenweg, 203, 7th floor, B-2018 Antwerpen.
The Legacy Superannuation Trust
Occupational Retirement Scheme is registered, tax-recognized and non-vested. Available to anyone of any nationality, wherever you work, and whatever your occupation. Get more information and become a member!
Advisors providing a service of private administrative support, personalised advice and tailored solutions for retirement. At Sneppenlaan 40, B-3080 Tervuren.
Services range from compliance to advisory and, if necessary, assisting clients with administrative proceedings and handling tax litigations. At Sint-Paulusplaats 2?, B-2000 Antwerp.
Artemis Financial Planning
Advisor specialising in tax issues associated with the cross borders transactions. At Antwerpsesteenweg 371, B-2390 Westmalle.
UBS Antwerpen
Comprehensive financial planning and customized investment solutions. Open Monday to Friday from 08:30-17:30. At Generaal Lemanstraat 55, B-2018 Antwerpen.
U S Tax Abroad
Cross border tax preparation and planning, management of international mobility programs and international estate planning. At Luchtschiplaan 8, B-1170 Watermael-Boitsfort.
Lesseliers & Co bvba
Brokers offering pension and insurance advice. Located at Du Chastellei 43, Merksem 2170
Organization with the focus on preserving and growing its private and institutional clients capital through an independent and focused global search for investment value. At Green Plaza, Karel Oomsstraat 19, B-2018 Antwerpen.
Advies Group
Private weath management group specialising in IHT, trusts and retirement planning. At Brusselsesteenweg 321, B-3090 Overijse.
Pareto Financial Planning
Financial advise for pensions, investments, wealth and taxation. At 92 Stationsstraat, B-1930 Zaventem.